Electric pylons and sub stations

Hello Again,
Been thinking for a long time, how did i ever get parkinsons, some say hereditary, head trauma, pesticides etc none of which could be me, now a while ago my father passed from leukaemia, and my sister had breast cancer so i been looking online for anything linked and i have. Now in my garden there is a electricity sub station and as children we were always out in the garden with my parents so our bodies were open to the electric field, i googled electricity pylons/sub stations & parkinsons and was amazed to see the finds and results of researches around the world, researchers believe that there is a connection between the magnetic fields which surround power lines and parkinsons, alzeimers,ms, leukaemia etc etc so i just wondered how many people here are open to similar by living close to pylons and substations as i have ??.........are these one of the causes of parkinsons ??
thanks, be well & be safe
hugh aka welshbearuk