Electric shock?

When my hubby is sat watching tv all of a sudden his whole body will jump and he says its like an electrical shock going through his body. Has anyone else had this experience. We wondered if it was the start of dyskensia. He already suffers from mild dystonia .


Yes, my OH gets this too. Sometimes it's before he drops off to sleep during the day but it often happens when he is awake and relaxed. It does give me a fright sometimes and then I jump too.eek

I have the same problem.  It really doesn't hurt, but I  absolutely hate it.  I have always liked to be in control of my own body. 

I have never used any alcohol or illicit drugs so I could control what my body does and doesn't do.  Well, I did drink alcohol 1 time when I was about 21.  Couldn't stand up or walk so that was the end of that. I have to admit I tried mj one time.  What a boring drug!  Staring at nothing has never been that great.  My friends still do it but it is definitely not for me.

Even though others have had this happen to them please mention to you dad's Dr and Pd nurse if you have one.


Best Wishes BB.