Electric wheelchair

Hi all not been around for a while not been too good.

My disability has got worse and now i need to use a wheelchair when i go out. I have a self propelled 1 have had it for a while but find it hard pushing myself so my good lady pushes me around. I don't like this to be honest i dont wanna become reliant on her all the time.

So i contacted wheelchair services and asked to be assessed for an electric wheelchair so i could at least have some of my independence back.

Went for my assessment. They asked me when id use it. I told them id use it every time i went out as my legs had got reaslly bad. They asked if id use it indoors, to which i replied not all the time as id be using furniture and crutches and to be honest i dont get up that often. Their reply totally shocked me. They said that i couldnt have a chair as i wasnt 100% reliant on it and would be using it most when i was out.

I thought this was the point for disabled people to get their independence back. But it seems to me that authorities dont want this, im really annoyed. Until i need the chair 100% im fully reliant on my partner, which isnt fair cos she does too much already. Its getting to the point where i just dont bother going out so she wont have to push me.

Sorry for the moan

Hi BigM, sorry to hear that you were turned down for your wheel chair. Guess your now wondering if honesty is the best policy after all? It sound to me as if this is yet again another ploy to save money. It's really not that easy pushing a wheelchair. My mother had to use one just before she died and I can recall having a heck of a time, getting the chair into the car..out again...up... and pushing mum around. I'm only 5ft and I found it really difficult. There are plenty of people that only use their chair outside because as you have pionted out, the furniture,wall ect can help you get around indoors. Have you checked out if you can appeal against the decision? It really might be worth a try, I certainly wouldn't accept the decision lightly. good luck

If you wait say 3 months, you may need to let them know that your mobility has deteriorated further, and then re-apply.

It may transpire that by then you'll be 100% dependent on the wheelchair, both indoors and out.

Once you know what answers the assessors need, life becomes so much simpler......


Hi Ray long time no speak.

Yeah ur right io could need 1 in 3 months but i dont really wanna lie to them just to get 1. Where as if i had have lied at my assessment id be in one by now. It seems that being honest doesnt always win eh

No-one is advocating lying of course. Merely pondering how things may change...
I have an appointment with our GP to seek help in getting a wheelchair for my husband . Someone told me that hey got there's through their Distric Nurse . My husband doesn't get very much only walks to the nearest chair or into a Taxi . He is very limited . I will let you know how I get on
GP is getting in touch with the district nurse for them to arrange measuring him for a wheelchair .
Don't know how long it will take ..
Just read this thread for the first time.

In my experience questions from those in authority are to be viewed with the utmost scepticism. I use my Parkies as a shield to hide behind while I sift through every single word and decide on why they are asking. The quicker the questions come, the longer I pause These people are in the position they are in because they lack an ounce of humanity or a willingness to understand.

If you show an inkling of wanting to fend for yourself you've had it.

It's not lying, your just playing stupid word games to get what you need from the services you've contributed into.

Bloody stupid question -

Idiot - Can you walk outside?
pwp - No

Idiot - Can you walk inside?
pwp - I can just about manage by swinging on door frames and hanging onto furniture

Idiot - Ah Ha, so whats to stop you swinging on lampposts and hanging onto bins, cars and passers by?

Boss into Idiots earpiece - Well done, you got him. Get him telt "NAW" and send
him packing. NEXT.

Beware the questioner who smiles. My gran used to say "There is a place for people who smile all the time".

They are all career Bar Stewards.
A friend of mine with R.A learnt the hard way.You have to answer their questions on how you are by referring to how you are on your worst day.On your worst day I am sure you have great difficulty even struggling from chair to chair.
Had a similar experience when I tried to get a blue badge for my ninety year old mother . When they visited her to access, her pride took over and gave all the wrong answers . If you have got to ninety independantly it's not easy to admit that you need help sometimes We never got the blue card .

The next time we tried I took her to the office and made sure that she was using her walking stick and be honest.

Don't know how long it will be before they come to access but I will let you know how he gets on .
Latest on the wheelchair ...

District came to measure my husband for a wheelchair ..

All depends if they have one in stock or may have to wait ....
Received wheelchair a week ago . Although very grateful I don't think I will be able to manage the weight , I will rely on my daughter or family when they visit .. .