Electro-Sensitivity (ES)

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The reason i have posted this topic on this forum is that part from personally being effected by Parkinson's, as my farther had this horrible disease for 10 years. And i support Parkinson's uk.

I unfortunately came down with ES about 3 years ago, but this was most likely something that was getting worst over a longer period, but i didnt put two and two together! No help from the GPs in this country?. To my own shock and confusion I realized that my dizziness always occurred, when I was in close vicinity to Wifi, mobiles, and mobile masts.

In the early days, at my worst, some of the symptoms of Parkinson's, like movement and balance, and trouble with speech and memory, i started to get, which terrified me to think i had Parkinson's as well at the age of 38.

After medical professionals weren’t able to help, ( bupa ) I started my own research and discovered many websites and blogs by people, with exactly the same problems as mine. They are sufferers of electro-sensitivity (ES), a condition fully recognized in Canada and Sweden as a medical impairment (with 300.000 sufferers in Sweden alone) but unfortunately ridiculed in the UK and most other countries in the world. I had never heard of it (this to show I am not a hypochondriac), but once I realized that this was the source of my problems, I started clearing my home environment from Wifi, DECT phones and non-essential electrical items. My problems immediately started to get noticeably better.

Electro-Sensitivity (ES)

Electro-sensitive people suffer from a variety of symptoms in close vicinity to electromagnetic fields, Wifi, mobiles, DECT phones, baby monitors, certain light sources etc: Headaches, dizziness, chest palpations, tinnitus, sweating at night. skin irritations, pins and needles in the hands in the mornings, short-term memory loss, nausea, joint aches and pressures at the back of the head as well as in the sinus or forehead area.

Even if you are not ES, it is beneficial to turn off your Wifi over night, as well as to ban electrical items, your cordless phones and mobiles from your bedroom. You will sleep much better and are less likely to have an interrupted sleep pattern. Usually waking around 4 am.

Another simple test is to stop carrying your mobile on your body ( chest or trouser pockets). in many cases people experience the so-called “phantom text messages”. This describes a situation where every now and then you think you had a text message, when keeping the phone in your pockets, but when you checked there was no message. Some even suffer from heart palpitations. If that is case, just try for a while to carry your mobile in a bag or switch it off, while you have it in your pocket. ( Which is stated in many mobile phone manuals, in a round about way??? )

If you want to find out more:

www.magdahavas.com (Canadian website)

A forum where many people talk about their every day lives, dealing with ES.

www.weepinitiative.com (Canadian website)
http://www.feb.se/FEB/feb_techman.html (Swedish website)

Recent articles in the press:









One quick note the ex primeminster of Norway has ES

Gro Harlem Brundtland


Please talk to friends and family, you maybe surprised!

Thankyou spinneyhorse for that interesting info. I have read a bit about it over the last few years, and as you say, Britian does not acknowledge the dangers as many other countries do.I believe that in America there is a stipulated distance(quite a big one) that people can't build near pylons because of the electromagnetic field; but in good old Britain people live right under them! We are very behind in acknowledging some dangers to health.
I'm glad you resolved and diagnosed your difficulties.
Kind regards, Carole

As ever Butterfly it is to do with money. When we were in business o/h encountered lots of houses near sub stations and the readings taken in connection with such close proximity were always very high.

He hated working on those houses and was always very concerned for the occupants.

It’s an interesting if not a worrying subject.
When I lived in Rome there was a battle over the Vatican’s broadcasting masts.
It started years ago, as far as I remember back in the eighties.
The people that lived in the area found that they picked up Vatican Radio on their home intercoms.
This was in a radius of about eight to ten miles and further afield. The Cesano area of Rome was badly hit.

The other worrying thing was that the rate of cancer,(Leukaemia) in children had gone up since 1980. The battle as far as I am aware is still undergoing and being dragged out in the courts and no end seems to be in sight.
The only article I can find in English is this one , as most are in Italian.


Many thanks for your posts on the ES subject.

I have a meeting with my new local Conservative MP in a few weeks time?

My goal is to have ES recognized, on par with Swedish law. We cant have the wireless industry taking control over our health.
I see to many people suffering, needlessly in this country.

Hello SH if I may call you that.

I hate to tell you this but the Guardian recently published an article about all this and some inquiry or other has decided that there is no link with Leukemia associated with being in close proximity to power stations or the like.

Funny isn't it that this report should come out since the coalition government have been in power and there are plans afoot for several new and incredibly mighty power stations. It seems to me that Vince Cable was absolutely right in his description of the axe wielding Tories.
Ruthless Calculating and Tribal.

Well i shall still kick up a fuss!

In years to come, we will see which people in power stood back and allowed this to happen!
No evidence, the evidence is there, but they dont want to hear it, or see it?

More research, which keeps being buried. Bees and Wireless





very interesting spinneyhorse (great name)

very difficult in this day and age to avoid all the modern technology, especially:laughing: when you work in an office part of the day and have teenagers at home.

ES Conference on the 24th Sept in Melton Mowbray Leicestershire LE13 1GA
Please call before event for details. Tel.01664414500

10.30am - 4pm



A Greek study led by Adamantia Fragopoulou and Lukas Margaritis has demonstrated important protein changes in the brain of animals following whole body exposure to RF electromagnetic fields, similar to the kind of microwave radiation emitted from cell phones, portable phones, WiFi and wireless computer equipment. The study, was published in Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, Early Online: 1-25, 2012.

Important regions of the brain necessary for learning, memory and other functions of the mammalian brain were impacted by the microwave radiation, including the hippocampus, cerebellum and frontal lobe, at exposures below the ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) safety guidelines. A total of 143 proteins in the brain were impacted by the RF radiation over a period of 8 months, providing new evidence for a potential relationship between everyday cell phone use, wireless transmitters and wireless computer equipment and electrosensitivity symptoms, such as headaches, dizziness and sleep disorders, as well as with tumors, Alzheimer's and even metabolic effects.

The study simulated 3 hours of cell phone exposure over eight months, 8 hours of DECT portable phone exposure over eight months, and included a sham exposure control group. The results showed both down regulation and up regulation of the proteins.

Several neural function related proteins (i.e. Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein (GFAP), Alpha-synuclein, Glia Maturation Factor beta (GMF), and apolipoprotein E (apoE)), heat shock proteins, and cytoskeletal proteins (i.e. neurofilaments and tropomodulin), were shown to be impacted by the radiation, as well as proteins of the brain metabolism (i.e. Aspartate aminotransferase, Glutamate dehydrogenase), in nearly all of the brain regions studied.

Faculty of Biology, University of Athens and the Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens
Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine
Electromagnetic Health.org