Electronic foot massagers

Has any one used an electronic foot massager eg Revitive.
If so is it of any benefit?
Thank you

I use a hand massager which is pneumatic and I would look for something similar if I was getting a foot massager. My hand massager is a big white thing that my whole hand goes in, with fingers separated into a glove inside, and it inflates and kneads my hand.

I can see similar products for feet (on the big river). The words “deep kneading” and “air compression” in a product’s description seem useful.

Weird coincidence - my foot is starting to go the same way as my hands and I might actually need to get one of these before long.

I use something similar and find it great. It sends impulses through my feet and I can feel it in my legs as well. Different strengths too. And a fraction of the cost of Revitive. If my hands are having a particularly bad day with tremor , I also use it for my hands, Seems to settle them down a bit.

That’s interesting. I hadn’t thought about the effect on tremor. My hand problem is with cramp caused by stiffness. A good massage with heat really loosens them up.

If I’m having a what I call a wading through treacle day , and I feel trapped inside my body. I find the impulses of the machine ease that feeling.
And does ease my tremor too. I have no idea why, just it works Haha

Thank you for your comments and help
Can you tell me which machine you have tried as I agree the Revitive seem a bit pricey and I would like to try something more reasonably priced to make sure it is of benefit
Best wishes KK

I would love to know too. I also get pins and needles in my feet, especially the left one hopefully, it might help that too.

Thank you.

As I say it works for me.
use it 5 mins 3 times a day or more .


Thank you very much

Go careful if you have DBS not recommended

Thank you

Just joined after diagnosis of 4 yrs…Parkinsons has turned my life upside down with problems etc not going to whinge but try to get on with it.Revitive is pretty good and stimulates the feet and especially calf muscles , expensive/ yes but has proven itself so far.
Shaking is upsetting but always shake a martini , not stirred !
Are people understanding? varies a lot… my partner/wife is fantastic and we laugh as much as possible …my P nurse at Torbay is fantastic…some other people are less than understanding and relish making remarks about the situation. …even been told to get my mental health sorted out !!
Anybody else get this ??

What is the name of the product here is it Revitive or not?. Please clarify for my simple mind. Thank you.

Frank Cox