Electronic toilet bidet

Has anyone come across the site environmentalbidet.com ?
I think this might help my husband who is having problems keeping himself clean but doesn't want anyone to help .
I've looked at reviews and people seem happy with it- but it would need changing our plumbing since we have the wrong sort of toilet at the moment .
If it really helped it might be worthwhile. I would be very grateful for any comments.
Hi I would hope that the plumbing side would be fairly simple as toilets are made to fairly industry standard sizes and hopefully the biedet would comply, and the plumbing for the water inlet should be simple to sort, make sure you get a few quotes though to be safe hope that helps .
Thanks for the reply - it was good to have someone's opinion on this . I'm not rushing into buying this but will consider any alternatives. thanks again .
Hi Lilyflora,

What follows below be out of date but I'm sure the helpline above left can signpost you to relevant services and/or a Parkinsons UK Welfare Officer in your area

Unless its changed since I cared for my mother, you are entitled to advice and/or assessment by the NHS Occupational Therapy Service whether you are self-funding or not. As with everything it may differ in your area but I pushed for the input of an Occupational Therapist although Social Services tried to tell me my mother wasn't entitled and as a result got various items of equipment on loan - although it was the advice I was after originally as I was aware you could spend a lot of money on expensive equipment never to be used. I'm pretty sure my friend who suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and could do little for herself had just such a piece of equipment as you describe installed. It looked just the job to me although I was somewhat wary of using it when I visited her for obvious reasons!! There are usually very long waiting lists of OT but I think its worth putting yourselves within their radar so to speak.