Emergency Respite Care?

Hi, my mum cares for my dad who has been diagnosed with PD for the last 13 years. She is now worried about her own health & is concerned what will happen to him if she is taken ill. I could manage for a short time (if alerted by them) but dad has agreed that he'd probably have to go somewhere while mom was ill. 

Basically what I'm asking is what can we do now 'just in case' or who would we call if needed urgently? Do we contact local respite care homes? 

Thanks, S 

Hi Sydney, this is good thinking. We had a similar situation with my mother in law a few months ago, when we may or may not have needed care for her for a couple of days. We didn't, as it turned out, but we felt much better having contacted a number of local homes, found out what they were like, and crucially what they needed to know about mother in law in advance. it made it possible to plan ahead and reduced one worry.

Best wishes


Thank you Semele. I didn't know if we could contact them direct or needed to go through another avenue as and when we actually needed them :)