Emotional support for Mum with PD and family

Hi all, after reviewing the options/info on Parkinson’s UK site, I wondered if there is a counselling service in particular for my Mum who has PD and is really struggling with her emotions. She has a history of anxiety and depression and has pretty much daily breakdowns, worse if she’s had a few tipples! My Step-dad I believe would also benefit as their marriage is very fragile due to my Mum’s behaviours. Her local Parkinson’s Nurse she only hears from once a year and the local support groups are not her thing as she found them to be very depressing/sad.
I know the Parkinson’s UK helpline is there but she needs face to face support on a regular basis to work through her feelings.
Thanks in advance for any help! Sophie

Hi Sophie

If PD-specific resources aren’t right for your mum, have you or your step dad talked to her GP about the problem? You don’t say how old your mum is or where they live but in many areas there are now much improved resources for people with mental health issues particularly through new “social prescribing” schemes that in our area are accessed through GPs. NHS services of course are variable and over-stretched but again your mum’s GP could refer her if she felt it appropriate.

Difficult situation for you all. Best wishes.

Hi Sophie
Sorry to hear about your situation. PD basically has three major symptoms - rigidity, tremor and depression.

It must be tough for you and your parents, tough as you would have to care for them too.

A program that helped us is Dr Nedley depression and anxiety recovery program. Google to see if there is a program near you. Also see your GP there maybe some med that may help short term. My mum is on AXIT but on low dose.

Best wishes