hi i wonder if anyone else gets emotional and gets upset too easy i do at times my foot very stiff am on lot of tablets mirapexin stavelo 4 a day anti sickness 4 a day anti depressants 3 a day and beta blocker to block headaches im seeing consultant very soon i try and stay positive i go out sometimes and wtch bands in pubs have bit of dance but have to be careful i love music im thinking of trying salsa will go with friend someone told me dancing good for parkinsons hope so im 51 hope to hear from people on here thanks
hello kathy, I think it's brilliant that you want to & can go to a salsa class & that a friend will go with you. Any kind of movement/exercise is good & the best is the sort you enjoy.
And yes, I do get emotional, but I don't know if that is down to PD or PD medication. I probably would have got emotional anyway.
And kathy, there is nothing wrong with emotion
My best wishes to you
Hi kathy definatley nothing wrong in being emotional I do keepfit at home where i do a bit of dancing not got much rythm but i enjoy it Take care chris46
i cry very easy at things ,and when i get hurt all the time it not helps me so it makes me 10 times worse,some people dont no wot they are doin to people like me ,im on andipresents but i still flow with tears so easy ,i dont think theres much answer for it really ,ur either a crybaby or ur not,and im one big cry baby cus i get told why u cryin for agin ,owell they never get it:rolling_eyes:
Hello Kathy - well done you for going to dancing. Just wish I had the confidence to do something like that. I was at a wedding last Saturday and only got on the floor for one dance!

As for crying, I think it is really good to let your emotion out. I could count on one hand the amount of times I have cried in the last 5 years and I just wish sometimes that I could let it go but the tears just don't come.

So my advice is keep dancing and keep crying, both will do you the world of good!!

Take care
Lizzy x
I think emotional responses are only natural when you think of the strain one is under dealing with pd symptoms all the time. The strain has to come out somewhere. Add to that the sheer emotional impact of processing the fact you actually HAVE pd, then no wonder it can all come to the surface. I've just been to see a counsellor to start to help me deal with my emotions rather than take the ad's my consultant prescribed. I've only had one session but I'm hopeful main.

My emotions are anger and despair so far. I've been dx 3.5 years now and think I'm just emerging from denial. I've posted elsewhere about the realisation that life has to change. I'm angry it does. I'm angry at my limitations. I'm angry with myself for not being a better mum. I (sometimes) despair about the future. I'm only 41. But at least I recognise it all now. That has to be a start doesn't it? Emotions are good things. It's how you do or don't choose to use them that's the $64million question.
Just count your blessings, you're still better off than 6 billion other people on this planet!
Hi Kathy

why wouldn't you be emotional at times??. That is quite normal I think.
Having to deal with PD is tough. Feeling sick and tired and in pain would make anyone feel like crying at times.

Have a good cry sometimes if it helps then get on with it.

Ray says you are better off than 6 million other people but that doesn't make your pain any the less significant and distressing.

Hope to chat soon (Off to shed a few tears before work)
Sorry, 6 Billion
Sorry ladies, the 6 billion comment wasn't intended to be dismissive or glib.

The intention was merely to put all of our plights into a global context, to make us feel relatively more positive.

Sincere apologies if it came across otherwise.

If you google Parkinsons symptons you will find that there and very many , one of them is emotions . I dont think any of you are cry babies it's what comes with Parkinsons . It was much the same when my mum had a stroke . She would suddenly start sobbing and then say I will be ok in a minute .

It is my husband who has Parkinsons so I am only speaking from his experience , so very difficult to compare because everybody is at different stages of the condition .

When he gets low I start singing and he will join in with me , it helps to lift his mood..
emotional, and don't get me started. Having just turned 50 combining PD with the menopause I feel like a witch on acid. I'm still amazed that my husband and daughter come home at all. I generally I'm so pleased to see them that I start crying, or else I'm so angry that they have been away all day, guess what I still cry.
I have been on Prozac for years. A note of warning: tried to cold turkey this drug twice, crashed car twice.
It sometimes takes an enormous effort to smile but when asked why I'm so jolly I generally reply:

"I woke up this morning, that was a good start."

This is not meant to sound facetious, it is just one way of coping.

and you do discover by the way that there's no such thing as waterproof mascara.