Emotions can be controled


Ive had PD now since 2009.Before that I had bouts of nervous symptoms all my life.They became more intense when my children were growing up.After my sons matured I had a setback that sent me to a psycholigist.She mentioned Recovery Inc of which I have been a leader and follower since.

Dr.Low the founder tenet of intellect being the ruling force over emotion.I find handling PD this way has kept me free of any chronic nervous conditions many with PD  suffer from.Im not and never will be a master of this but it sure gets rid of the cloudy  days I had before

Yes PD can alter our moods but managing our thoughts can greatly help. The other day I went late on my meds and had a tedious job before me.I decided to finish the job and use humor to keep me going.Well I succeeded with my engine repair and then took a break,so you can overcome mental instability

I also find I can control most of my involuntary  movements(myoclonus)through concentration

Control of your thoughts leads to control over your mood.

I'm very mindful now and it helps move me around ole PD physically and mentally