First I would like to thank everyone on the forum for their kind thoughts and remembering little old me in them
I have been through personal bereavement on quite a few occasions losing my dad when I was 6 years old and my mum when I was 26 years old then my sister when I was 45 years old.
But somehow losing my brother now
feels much worse and I don’t know if PD has any affect emotionally/ mentally on this I feel completely different broken and empty.
However I do have the forum to thank for helping me deal with my deep depression especially the members of the gang I would name you all individually but I know you will be just like a bunch of children saying why didn’t he mention me first if you are annoyed at being called children well you started it LOL .
Back to being serious has anybody else noticed emotional problems of any kind harder to deal with after a PD diagnosis or is it just possible I’m losing the plot .
Thank you everyone who took the time to send me your kindness and support to help put me back together and you know who you are so no childish behaviour bless you all TOMMY


Tommy if you asked Kay how many children she has . She would tell you 3 including me so being called a child isn’t anything new
I lost my brother 2 yes ago . Most of the time he was a pain in my arse but when he died it tore my heart out
After a time it becomes easier but not better
The love he had for you is still with you that doesn’t go away as your love for him
That love is eternal
No one can or should tell you how to grieve or for how long
Grieve takes its path . Over time it gets easier
I and others are here for you always and anytime
If I can ever help CALL ME
Your friend now and always


Hi Tommy your not alone in feeling more emotional I quite often find myself filling up at stupid things last wk I tried to move catch on cupboard it took 55mins due to tremor got so frustrated almost cried nearly went doorless to think I was tradesman as always I, m here for you


I’m much more emotional nowadays after being a big tough squaddie in the past lol.

I can find myself breaking down when A song is played that reminds me of healthier and happier times…


Hi Tommy,

I’m so sorry to hear about your brother, my thoughts are with you and your family at this time. I am so pleased to hear that the support you have on the forum has been a comfort to you, seeing the responses to this post warms my heart.

There is some evidence that a Parkinson’s diagnosis can effect your emotional wellbeing (we have some information on that here: https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/about-us/mental-health), and it’s certainly not surprising that what you are going through right now is effecting you in such a way. If you would like to have a chat about this with someone, our helpline is available to you on 0808 800 0303, Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm.

Take care,
Moderation Team.


My mum died last Xmas.
I literally fell apart at the funeral.

I have a few
"Sorry for myself " tears that nobody knows about.
Oops they do now!

Not sure if the PD has made me more emotional or if it’s age.


Hi Hubby thanks for your reply and I find your theory for the want of a better description interesting and a distinct possibility. Because what I didn’t reveal in the question was I lost
a child to spina bifida in 1996 which is widely agreed to be the worst kind of loss to overcome but I’m not sure if that’s because they didn’t have time to develop a character please don’t anyone misunderstand it still hurts like hell but because this happened at birth you spend the rest of your own life wondering what they could be doing now if they only had the chance to be their own personality I hope this makes sense.
Even the word loss can be a controversial word in itself because they are not really lost their permanently gone or am I overthinking again? Tommy


Hi Tommy

Really good to hear from you again.

I lost my mum 2 years ago and it still hurts so much.
I still cannot think about my mum with out wanting to cry.
I actually lost my mum twice the first time was 2 years prev when.my mum had dementia and ended up in a home. That was with a heavy heart that descision was made.
My Mum was a primary school teacher .
We are so proud of what my mum achieved in her lifetime and the difference she made.

So Tommy it never ever leaves you, just gets that little bit easier to deal with.
Thinking of you and so good to see you posting.

With Love Barbara x x x


Hi Poshwood firstly thank you for your support throughout my hard time and your friendship generally
I’m sorry you’re mum passed in such a cruel way .
This topic seems to be growing and throwing up some interesting theories as to whether PD makes things worse when it comes to bereavement ie hubby raises the question of age and others have said of just doing tasks that used to be simple for them and now not possible makes them emotional but is that the PD or pure frustration
Still at least it provides a place for debate where everyone’s opinion is a valid one because it’s personal to them and can also be used as an outlet. Tommy


Babs that is almost exactly what happened to my mum. She was a primary teacher too.
I have been told that I have held onto my teaching job for another year.

Some things I have noticed creeping into my world.

A lack of confidence generally but especially when talking in front of groups of people.

A feeling of general shame. Something I can’t quite keep at bay.

I have never been particularly confrontational but now I run a mile if it rears its head.

Love to you all.


Thanks Hubby for your reply and sharing that with us.

Babs x


Well Good Morning Tommy

Well we are all having good weather.

What are you and Suzanne up to today.

Ì have check up at dentist and they always find something. Eh?

Take Care My friend

Babs x


Hi McBruv
I’ve seen your humour and your strength
Your strength is what makes you who you are
What you are going through is personal and private and emotions always seem on edge
But you are not alone
You are not alone
I am a phone call away
Or a 90 minute drive
Take care my friend


Hi sweet pea… Hugs of love across tinternet xxx


Morning Tommy

Just to let you know.
Thinking of you.
Won’t ramble on.

Looking forward to seeing you back on here.

Take Care My friend

Babs x x x


PD may involve depletion of neurotransmitters other than just dopamine. My mood has improved considerably since taking medication/supplements that boost GABA. Whether this is just me I don’t know but there is some research backing the notion of GABA depletion which can lead to depression, anxiety etc.


[email protected],
Hello Tommy, this is the first time I have made direct contact, however, I have followed your little gang and the witty banter many times from afar and would like to share my own EMOTIONS with you
Like you, I have just lost my brother and as with many of us, we are now the" last man standing"as it were. My Parents are long time past, Mam went the week before I was married 50 years ago and probably due to the timing I didn’t grieve (that came much later !!).
So its good that you can at least talk on here to friends about your feelings now.

I find myself getting very emotional at the least bit thing. If it is something that has touched me I fill up to the point I am unable to talk without floods of tears.
It could be anything from a song or a report on the telly.
This from a past, hard-nosed Business owner, I am having dificulty to understanding why
Reading your thread here, together with the posts so far, it would appear many of us have changed, perhaps it is PD that brought it about !!!
My apologies for being long winded but you have definitely
Best Wishes,


Morning Tommy

I don’t want to ask how you are as I know.

Thinking of you and missing you sooòooooooo much .That’s a lot Eh?

Your pal, Cronie, Friend, China. ( MIND FRANKIE AND JOSIE) AWE RIGHT MA CHINA’S.



Hi malc T
Thanks for your input it’s an interesting subject which so many different opinions where none of them are wrong . Even though it’s only been going a short time to me it seems to be PD is taking the lead on causes.
For me I don’t think it’s the meds as I had my sinamet and levadopa withdrawn six months ago after a clear datscan but I’m still shaking and cramping as well as my mental state.
The mental stuff started first when I was working I wasn’t bothered anymore about production or anything and just told my boss and director exactly where to go and now I won’t be at my brother’s funeral because I just overthink things and say things that hurt people , get involved in things that are nothing to do with me anymore of course it doesn’t help when I hear morons behind me in a queue singing do the shake and vac I now wear large headphones to avoid this but still say things without engaging brain like some kind of Torrets anyway I personally think it’s the PD but I’m still a work in progress … TOMMY


Same here peter, music especially if its relevant to significant events or people etc it stirs my soul , in fact i find i get a lot of pleasure listening to music , more than i ever did. I can spend hours with my headphones on listening to music .