Employer ignoring Medical Opinion

Hi everybody,

I've only just started using the Forum, despite signing up ages ago. I work part time, in Central London, travelling into my office from outside London, a couple of days a week and remote working, at home, a couple of days a week.

My Line Manager, is now demanding 3 days in London and one day working at home, despite me having letters from both my Parkinson's Nurse and Parkinson's Specialist advising that 2 days and 2 days are the best for my condition.

Is anybody aware if an employer can legally ignore Professional Medical Advice.  I have requested an Independent Occupational Health Referral, which will probably agree with my Nurse and Specialist.

Any advice really appreciated.



Hi DeeJay,

I would recommend you call and speak to an adviser on our helpline about this 0808 800 0303.

Best wishes,
Digital Team