Employer nightmare

I made the decision recently to inform my employer of my condition, huge mistake ! He is in his eighties and difficult to work for at the best of times but now you would think that I had been diagnosed just to inconvenience him. I get the feeling that he now sees me as a problem to get rid off but rather than negotiate he will try and bully me out of the job. I have sought legal advice but as yet don’t have grounds for a constructive. I would happily walk but refuse to budge for nothing after contributing positively for eight years. My job is senior sales manager.

Hi Gordo, that is definitely a huge snub and a very negative one at that! I’m so sorry your employer has taken that attitude towards you just when you need support at this crucial time in your life. You hold yourself up in high esteem and and fight as long as you can, I wouldn’t wish this disease on anyone, but at times like this ones mind can always be changed! What a horrid human being (if you can call him that!) Personally I can think of some other choice words!!

All the best sheffy

Thank you

Hi Gordo,

We have a section on our website that has advice about working and your rights that you might find useful: https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/information-and-support/work-and-parkinsons

If you have any other legal questions then give the helpline a call on 0808 800 0303 and our team will do their best to answer them.

Best wishes.


My husband was diagnoised 2 years ago. He told the relevant people in HR straight away due to the nature of his work.He had to get letters from his consultant/ GP to say he was fit to work…last year he had a meeting with his managers, new line manager.Up to then no one had bothered with him…the new line manager had heard through the grapevine about his PD…at the meeting she was very rude saying she didnt want anyone with PD working there…total discrimination…meeting was very heated…HR manager stepped in and admitted NO ONE knew anything about PD and they would look into it! They had known for a year already!!! The new line manager was totally out of her depth and thought that she could just get rid of my Husband…my Husband has not had any changes made to his job in the 2 years he has been diagnoised so there is no reason to think he is not capable of doing it…this meeting took place last October and not 1 person has arranged another meeting. He was told they would have a meeting in January…he has only seen a consultant(different one every time) 3 times in 2 years and a nurse once…GP admits he has no idea about PD…it is the unmentional thing as no one bothers to get it out in the “limelight”…PD suffers are being let down so much…our friends never ask how things are going.,not that we would moan to them, its as if its an embarrassment to them all…sometimes I see friends/workmates staring at my Husband when they think he is not looking…and look away embarrased when they know I have seen them…when he was diagnoised 2 years ago we were told of all the help available and would see a consultant twice a year and nurse twice a year,so we were told he would be seen 3 months by someone…what a joke that was and still is…feel totally let down by the system and people in general…sorry for that rant…

Hi Babesbrown - the lack of help and support you have had from your husbands work and medical profession is so unbelievable I’m sorry to say. I have had PD for eight years now and have never ever seen my Neurologist more than once a year, and it is only over the past two years I have seen my PD nurse twice a year due to the progression of my PD, so I think you were given the wrong information there by someone, they don’t have the resources. I would give the helpline a call and ask for some help as to what to do, I’m sure they would give you some reassurance.

All the best - sheffy