Employment and support allowance benefit

i would like to hear from members who used to recive incapcity benefit,and is now ,november going over to the new benefit,employment and surpport allowance,i recived my confirmation papers last week,telling me that it was just the name that had changed,the same amount of money,same timing of reciveing it,every 2 weeks,same date,only thing that is different,there is too catorgorys now,1 a group for people they wont to try get back into work,and 2 people who will not be able to work agin in the futre.has everyone else recived there information about this,and does anyone one else have any opions about the change,goverment ,etc:smile:
Hi Ali,
Approximately 5 1/2 years ago i was receiving incapacity benefit for various physical problems,main one concerning my neck.A similar thing was introduced then.Most people on incapacity benefit then were called in by d.h.s.s to be interviewed.The interview involved a series of questions which required a YES or No answer,nothing in between,no explanations considered.
Example Questions -
Are you capable of putting washing in a washing machine.

Can you walk a certain distance(i think 50 metres)

Can you dress yourself unaided

No explanations allowed and made to feel humiliated.
It sounds to me like they are trying to whittle the figures down again with no regard whatsoever about individuals,their personal circumstances or their feelings.I had heard they were going to introduce what you are saying,it amazes me how they still focus on persecuting those most vulnerable whilst letting the real rogues and con artists get away with murder.

Of course,although having problems but not knowing or realising i had Parkinsons at the time,i was taken of incapacity benefit.That was back in April 2006,i had been on incapacity benefit for 5 years.
Before incapacity benefit i had been the main wage earner,my Wife having worked part-time twilight shifts.Thus,we were then forced into a job reversal.
I started a part time job delivering the local paper,steadily upping the numbers i delivered until i was placing leaflets and delivering them over the course of a few days per week.My Wife went full time,then shift work and now currently works continental shifts.
As time went by and it became apparent that things were going wrong with me,more noticeable to other people also.Back fort more tests i went.I was suffering from major Gall stones attacks also,which often left me grounded and in need of an operation to remove.
So in the course of investigations,over the course of a year or more.I was finally diagnosed with Parkinsons in Nov 2009,and first came on this site in early January 2010,first person i spoke to was you ALI.
February this year saw me finally take the advice of everybody and i had my Gall bladder removed,it has taken me from then to now to be able to bend or move again properly without major pain.I had to pack in my part time delivery job,thought i was never going to get over the op.Certain people who frequent here have seen the post op external carnage.
It has been a significant part of discussions i have with a Psychologist/councillor who i have been seeing since Feb this year after a 1 1/2 year wait.
A multitude of problems i have yet cannot claim E S A(the old incapacity benefit)even though i believe i should never have been taken off it.
I have not paid enough tax or National insurance for the years i worked part-time,because i diden,t earn enough money.During which period i also helped look after my Father-in-law (passed away since,Alzheimers),my Mother(at present in care home,end stage Alzheimers)and my Grandson until he was Three whilst my Daughter went back to college then work,until early this year and my disastrous operation.
So now i get £78 a month approx low rate DLA and that is all.I am forced to look for a job,know i will struggle,and quite frankly am not holding my breath(made to feel like a leper).So there we have it,on anti-depressants,whole family going under financially because of me and just got to get on with it.
Doubtless more will follow a similar fate than myself,or is that just my luck.Anyway,i just hope the DHSS don,t make many others lives a misery like mine,but as the common expression goes of mine"i won,t be holding my breathe"
Apologies for the length of this rant,just had to get it off my chest,the topic just called out for it.Not been posting a lot lately,but do follow.
Take care Ali and everyone
titan,your story has brought me to tears,you have not ranted away at all,and im glad u have shared this with us.this is one typical story which gets pushed under the carpet by the goverment,and they are not lookin at proper at all,lettin all the toe rags get away with goodness wot,and then have people like ur self in need of help,surport,money and to be listerned to.ur so rite about the questions,yes ,or no,nothin in between ,its not fair ,not rite at all.titan ,did it get as far as them contacin ur gp,or neuro at all for info,or has it not?,i would keep demanding a nother go at this titan ,appeal aginst the desion,keep pesterin them ,cus u see titan ,ino its very drainin ,and can be very stressful for ur self and ur lovin family,but if we dont have a voive to shoput it out titan ,we are not goin to be herd are we.i really hope youconsider this agin ,or if u carnt ,ask for some one to help u voice ur opion loud ,it must be stopped titan,and NOW,ur one of thousands in this same boat ,and justice in my books is so rong
Hi Ali,
Thanks for the words of encouragement.They mean a lot to me.I know you have had your own problems to contend with and it is heart warming to receive such thoughtful kind words,you give me added hope and strength to stay more positive(i thought was a word in the past)and thought i would never utter again.
I am currently getting back up from a down period,things are looking good and everything is rosier in Titan's garden despite the financial issues.
Have just taken my eldest Grandson to school,i say eldest because my youngest Grandson was only born on 9/10/11,so i have been much in demand regards Grand parenting duties.All doing fine,so i suppose i can count my lucky stars there.
So i,ll say thanks again Ali,you are such a good help and support to many.I wish you all good things.
Take care
titan,thankyou for ur kind words to meself,but can i add something to it,i have been low aslow as u can possibly get last year,and i will say now, i had so much help from special drs,u no wot imean ,and most of all titan ,the people who bring me through things and keep me tryin to be positive now,is my good friends around me,if it was not for them ,well it be a complete differnt story ,and it would not be me tellin it now.so titan ,u have ur family which sound wonderful,u so lucky ,i wish u all the luck in the world,and u no me im about on here alot,if ever u feel u wonna chat .x:smile: