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Hi to All,
What are my rights ???

Background, i've worked for the same company for the past 22 years, DX 12 years ago and i am now 43 years old i'm the general manager. My employer has on the whole been reasonbly supportive, i have a full time contract,my offical hours are 8:30am till 5:15pm but i tend to get to work about 10am leave about 5:15pm. Have had the late start for the past 3 years, everyone just turns a blind eye to it. And obviously i've had a few days off when i was just unable to move or had an appoitment with my neuro.
My employer has said that he wants me to fill out a timesheet every week and he'll pay me for hours worked, so therefore if i need to have a day off because of my PD i just will not get paid for it. The hourly rate he's talking about paying me is ever so slightly in my favour if i worked a full 8:30 till 5:15 day.
Can he do this ?
I'm an employee of the company not a director on anything.
And here's the RUB my employer is my Father !!
My Parents have never really taken on board the fact that i've got PD.

Any help would be gratefully received !!

Thanks to all
Are you currently PAYE with written contract or hourly paid or on day rate ? Is the new terms and conditions PAYE ? What is forcing you to change you must be given reasons? You need these facts to determine entitlements. The whole situation sounds rather more domestic than employment law. How many work there and are they all family ?
I would think they may resent the 10 am start unless they understood the reason. I work in an office and don't think much of those starting two hours after the rest but leaving at same time for same pay(despite what the bible says.) Particularly if when they come in its 45 mins review of last nights TV. We had one person in the office I work who was going through domestic trouble - single parent, 3 children under 12, messy divorce, violent new partner, affair in office. They went to HR and Directors agreed to support during these difficult times and us Managers were told to maintain confidentiality and cut them some slack. We did and the result was a virtual revolution with the rest of the staff. Why are they allowed x y z ? Why cann't we do the same ? Only reason they are getting way with it is because they are having an affair X. Net result was productivity and morale fell dramatically and I got in the neck for not bringing them in line.

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Have you looked at your contract of employment ?
Employment law in the UK and Europe is a ghastly exercise in complexity. In all cases, you should really be getting tailored advice for your own personal circumstances rather than relying on some individuals on an internet forum who may or may not know what they are talking about or have the expertise that they purport to have. Employment law is amongst the fastest changing legislation out there because there are always new precedents coming out, or new missives from the Brussels sprouts.

Good luck
I've always been PAYE, the new contract will be PAYE just paying me for when i work, and whatabout holiday pay, will i still be entitled to it and yes the staff all understand my PD, in fact they understand it more than my parents !! The 6 other staff arent family.
Not sure that I am posing in the correct place but i need some help please.
I had a medical assessment on August 13th 2012 in order to claim ?ESA.since then I have heard nothing. How long does this normally take before you get any result?
My contract of employment was terminated on 19th July 2012 due to ill health after 34 years working for the NHS as a nurse. I havetried phoning the number of the benefit office but as of yet have been unable to get through to speak to anyone.......grrrrrrrr dam this PD would be much easier to work !!
sorry grumpy but finding this very frustrating.
would welcome any help or advice
Hi angel,
Sorry to hear about your situation. You can call the Parkinson's UK confidential helpline for employment and benefits advice on 0808 800 0303.

Jennie, Digital team
Thankyou so much, will call