End of my tether!

Unbelievable! I have just about had enuff of over thinking, paranoid delusions, honestly my poor husband!!! I don’t understand why some of us (PWP) think such imaginary things and convince ourselves that OH is playing away. Is it the meds? Is it PD symptom? Is it cos I am a nutter? Can’t carry on with this torment in my head much more. I love him so much and I feel sick at the thought of how I made my poor loving husband feel earlier, where does all this crap in my head come from? I am 55 years old, had Parky for 12 years, had DBS this year, meltdown at work so off sick, a dying mother, a loving hubby that I treat like shite, falling out with friends left, right and centre, paranoid about everything/one, periods of planning how to kill myself, wtf??? I just want craziness to go away and my “normal” self back. I am at the end of my tether and ask, is this my future (constant crying, falling out with friends, accusing hubby of all sorts) or is there
a quick fix solutuon?


Sorry to hear that you’re struggling at the moment. Delusions and Hallucinations are not uncommon for people with Parkinson’s, we have some more information on our website here: https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/information-and-support/hallucinations-and-delusions-symptom

These are normally a side effect of medication, so we’d recommend speaking to your GP or specialist as soon as possible. If you’d like to speak to someone in the meantime, you can also give us a call free on 0808 800 0303.

Best wishes,


Hi Littlemix worry
First things first
To listen to the moderator, yes I know you have read /heard it all before but these are not platitudes.
I’m sure you can see that you need a helping hand right now.
But you and I both know that it won’t come a knocking on the door.
ASK, SHOUT, SCREAM if you have to DO NOT ACCEPT NO for an answer.
DO NOT accept, we’re very busy and will get back to you in 6 weeks.
You’ve been there before I’m sure as have I.
On this occasion you are not waiting for nobody its now you need a hand.

As for the rest of your worries friends etc… back burner.

All the rest will fall into a more comfortable place.
Hubby is still there… Why?
Because he has absolutely no intention of going anywhere.
You know this to be true.

First things first
You will get through this

Peace my fellow human.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:

My GP off for over a week now, but thanks for advice. Have also contacted PD Nurse, no response. Now it is Bank Holiday weekend, deep joy!

Cheers for that Tommy! May I ask how you deal with it?

Hi littlemix worry
I’m so sorry you are having such a bad time at the moment also I’m a little upset that I missed your post asking is anyone up because I usually am.
Right then how do I cope.?
Well the honest answer not that well really but I have a few treasured friends on the insomnia thread who have helped me on countless occasions.
Incidentally you would be more than welcome to join our little gang of musketeers.
We don’t always post in the public domain but by PM so that we can say whatever, without breaking any forum rules.
And for a really good rant we text each other and in that way we take care of each other and our partners.

There are no easy answers
but assure you the answer is there somewhere.
I understand what you mean about the bank holiday but let’s be honest we simply shouldn’t be ill during these times.
How selfish of us.
Feel free to message me at any time and please consider the musketeers offer. The rest of the gang are far more experienced than me and its not all doom and gloom.
In fact it’s whatever you want it to be at the time.
I cope simply because I have to but I’m never afraid to let my guard down and believe that helps.
Nothing is over until the fat old bird starts belting one out.
And I had no option but to report you for using the ‘s’ word. (bad girl)
Talking about that I hope you have plenty of shower gel for your OH.
He must be covered in shite by now.
But I’ll wager he’s still there because he knows more than anyone that the girl he married is still in front of him.
And no matter how long it takes he’ll wait for her to come out again.
Take care and stay in touch
If you’re brain melts over the weekend then we’ll be here, bank holidays mean jack to us.

Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:

And I converse with this little guy, he’s deaf so there’s no way to damage his feelings.

Thanks again Tommy, appreciate it.

You are very welcome
Us invisible people must look after each other.
Maybe we are out of sight
but we will be heard as l as we are confident enough not to merely nod the head and make sure we question our treatment.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:

Morning littlemixWorry
And MrMix
Hope you are both OK.
And don’t worry I have no intention of becoming a nuisance.
Take care you two
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:

Hi littlemixWorry

I am one of Tommy’s friends on the insomnea thread. I know TOMMY HAS invited you to come on board withus. I think it would actually do you good… I have had. PD for 7 years and like yourself i have had really bad times.

I think on Mon morning the first call you will be making is to your PD nurse and tell her how bad you feel and I am positive she will converse with your Neurologist. I am sure that you will see the light at the end of the tunnel soon. Please PM me any time.
Take care and hopefully speak again soon.

Babs x x x

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Thank you x