Hi all,

not a pleasant subject I know but has anyone tried home enema as a relief from this bloody awful constipation.

I see that kits are available on line.

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Micralax is available over the counter at your chemist, consists of 12 x 5ml treatments.also available on prescription.

Laxido on prescription was recommended by our P`s nurse.  It comes in sachets of powder to be dissolved in water.  Very effective but gentle.  I found it useful that it came as a powder because I could make up half a dose when other medication started to have a loosening effect of its own. 

Hope you soon find something that suits you.


Many thanks for the advice.

i have also been recommended a laxative called "Lactolose" I'm told it's very gentle.

i just thought that an enema would be preferable to more oral medication.  The problem is I'm not  too enthralled by the mechanics of it.


Hi Banjo,

There was a TV episode of Embarrassing Bodies shown earlier this year suggesting that a coffee enema was an effective cure for constipation.

I can confirm this is true ; however, I`m no longer welcome in my local Starbucks. big grin

Nice one jacko.

I might just try it, but how I'm going to get that cup up there lord alone knows!


Movicol is another laxative powder, but the problem with powders is they often take a while to be affective and if they are not affective then you need to take more which prolongs the discomfort, whereas the Enema is very affective and certainly within 15 mins of taking it thus giving almost immediate relief. Better to self administer than to end up calling the Doctor out or worse ending up in hospital.

The advice comes with a Kyloe health warning, dont stray far from the loo after using the enema mr green

Yeah, thanks for that Kyloe. These days I'm not so much as sprinter more a shuffler. Warning noted.


Almost 10 years after diagnosis I find that constipation is for me the worst of the symptoms of PD, with on average a day a week wasted trying to poo.

Movicol makes a difference, as does drinking more. Ideally these should be taken/done on a regular basis to stop the problem developing in the first place. But, what if you have a problem: you feel the urge to poo, and have sat on the toilet for a hour and nothing will come out?

First, even at this late stage I find it useful to  take Movicol and to drink, especially orange juice. But these together take hours to have an effect on me.

Enemas are appealing, but the advice from the National Parkinson's Foundation is that they should be avoided if at all possible. That said, straining for hours is probably not good for you either.

I've not found anywhere in the UK to buy enema kits. So, I make my own. This is how:

I've only used water enemas, taking in about a pint in each session. This is delivered using a 4 pint cleaned, plastic milk bottle (it must be flexible to allow it to contract and have a hole for a handle)  and a windscreen washer tube (3.2mm internal diameter, 2.4m long, available at Halfords for about £2). Drill a hole in the cap about 0.5mm smaller than the outside diameter of the tube. Push the tube through the hole, until the tube nearly reaches the bottom of the bottle. Fill the bottle with water. Screw in the cap. Invert the bottle and wait for the water to flow out of the end of the tube. This primes the syphon. Now turn the bottle the right way up and suspend from e.g. a step ladder. The moment I fell some discomfort, after about a pint, I go to the toilet. Note: a 4 pint bottle is used because it has the right shape, it is not intended to use all the water.



I'm sorry, Banjo, but I have no knowledge of enemas....all sounds a bit dangerous!

I do though have a friend who suffered very badly from constipation and tried lots of laxatives with some success.

The chemist suggested trying laxative suppositories and she found they worked really well.

Might be worth trying before embarking on the DIY enema kit?

Good luck!