Enhancing weak voice

My husband Peter has had PD for 10 years. I am lucky as I still do not need to help him much at all, although it takes him over an hour to get ready but refuses help. He is mentally very strong, looking after the berths of 350 sailing dinghies and working on steam 5" steam locos. His voice is very weak . He has seen a Speech Therapist and we have her notes and relevant exercises for him to do - which he does not. Would there be a way to help enhance his voice when he talks to his friends, by using wireless earphones and a type of wrap up microphone as used by people making announcements? He refuses to have an operation involving the insertion of some digital appliance. Thanks for suggestions

Hi @ebmseager ,

A warm welcome to the forum! I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s speech problems - it must be frustrating for both of you. I’m sure our wonderful forum members will chime in with advice, and in the meantime, we have some information on speech and communication problems here: Speech and communication problems | Parkinson's UK I think you’ll find the practical tips as well as the technology and apps sections especially useful.

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