Entacapone advise

Before I get a telling off I am seeing my PD nurse next week to discuss this.  But wondered if any one out there has had no noticeable positive effect from this medication?

My Movement Disorder Specialist  (MDS) thought I should try it for a month and see how I get on.  I take 5 x Sinemet a day plus 12 mg requip.  I take 200mg with each Sinemet.  The hope being that this combination would allow the levodopa to have a longer effect.  My worry is its not?  My off times are more often and the time between medication is less.

Any experience, help or advise much appreciated.






Could you be a little more specific when you say you take 5 Sinemet a day

Is that 1x 62.5 spread over 5 points of a day? with one 200mg entacapone.

If so?..

Would you expect 1x 62.5 to cover 4 or 5 hrs?

I Realise we are all differnt and at different point of this illness.

I take Madopar 4 x62.5 at 9 am and then 12pm and then 4 pm at 8 pm i take 3 x 62.5 with entacapone with a single CR 125 madopar overnight 11pm ish. I feel my day and night is covered effectively.

I Guess what i'm trying to say is if you are taking a single 62.5 at 5 times a day perhaps it is doing its max with the entacapone on a timescale  but  if you are worried it is not then you may be a little light with the Sinemet ?.

My Sinemet is 25/100 5 times a day.  5 times entacapone 200mg each time.  Plus 1 dose of 12 mg Requip.  I think I am expecting more on times?  But what do I know really guess that's why I put my questions out there.


All i can tell you further then is as I was told ''Entacapone does nothing on its own''. Good luck.

Hi Kazlar

In theory I take Madopar 100/25 with Entacapone 5 times a day, so  every 3 hours from 8am onwards. Sometimes this is not enough and I have to take a dose earlier, which puts the rest of the day out of kilter. Then I take a Madopar dispersible 100 which gives me about an hour, so helps avoid mealtimes. Plus at bedtime a CR 100  and another Madopar 50/12.5 at about 4 am, otherwise get restless legs. Really hate having to take all these meds, especially when they are not terribly effective but there seems to be no choice!