Entacapone works wonders

Been taking Entacapone for a few weeks now. The difference is amazing. Fortunately I don't seem to be getting any side effects. I feel like I've been set free.


Has the good feeling continued?

What is your drug regime in general (and no years that you've had PD )

Are u much more able than b4 u took Entcapone ?


rgds Andy (aka Ojala hey)

It didn't last. They gave me terrible diarrhoea. Had PD for 7 years now. My drugs regime is starting to get somewhat complicated. Being considered for DBS.



I started taking entacapone in February - by March I started with diarrhoea which I put down to a tummy bug. I was reluctant to stop taking it due to the beneficial effects.

Between April-May I tried a bland diet without any luck then dairy free. However it got so bad (despite taking immodium - which had not effect on it whatsoever-) I decided to stop taking entacapone and the diarrohea stopped instantaneously.

There is a new drug out called OPICAPONE that has been prescribed by my consultant, but is at present unavailable on the NHS so has to be bought privately until it is approved by the NHS

I am would be very grateful for any information from anyone who has started taking this - pros &/or cons.

I have been taking Opicapone for over two months now and it has proved to be very beneficial.

No diarrhoea - due to no longer taking entacapone -, fewer sinemet tablets, because the Opicapone extends the effectiveness of the sinemet medication.

However, I am having to finance the Opicapone myself, which is taking approximately a quarter of my pension and I would appreciate advice from anyone who is having the same problem and help with any solutions they have managed to find.

We get opicapone free. Does it vary from place to place?