My husband has just been put on Entacapone taken with his Simemet. He’s taking it once a day to start. Wondering what other people’s experience is taking it. Thanks

Works well

Yeah made my on time much longer take 4 times aday

My husband only takes it at midday at the moment. Nothing has taken his shakes away though. They doubled his Sinemet but that only made him pass out so went back to the original dosage.

There is a another drug on the market, does the same thing as entacphone but it’s a one a day tablet I’m sure if you search engine it your come up with the name and I know you can get it as I tried it ,but I think I didn’t give it long enough to work as I get along with entacphone. It’s a one a day tablet

Safinamide maybe it’s a add on drug one a day gives you more On time and also less dyskinesia. I think it has another name but I do know it’s available on prescription

Thanks. Will look into it. I’ve only been taking this for 10 days so will give it a bit longer.

Mum’s just received Entacapone in her meds delivery. First I’ve heard of it, but I think her chemist has substituted it for Opicopone (once a day, extends Parkinson’s drugs)

Am I right?

turned my life around overnight. Been on it 2years and couldn’t live without it.