I could do with some advice please.
I’ve been on sinemet since diagnosis early 2016. Recently added in Entacapone 200mg.
Over the last few weeks I’ve been experiencing diarrohea and it’s not a bug. I can only think it’s entacapone.
Not good in the run (ooops, unintended pun!) up to Christmas. Had any one else experienced this?

Managed to speak to someone and am stopping taking it. Sorted now. D

Hi All,
I know this subject is 6 months old, but it seems like a good place to log my experience with Entacapone. I also experienced diarrhea with Entacapone (200mg three times a day, when I was using Sinemet CR). It went on for three months and stopped within 24 hours of quitting Entacapone. A week or so before quitting, I also had bright orange urine (which is what spurred the investigation into Entacapone’s side-effects).


Hi T,
I’m not on here so often these days so only just saw your post.
Your side effects sound similar to the ones I had. Mine only appeared after several months on entacapone so it took me a while to put two and two together.
I’ve felt a lot better since stopping it. Had to alter my sinemet doses but that was no problem.
It has made me very wary of trying any other medication for a while. So I’m just tying to stay well eating (fairly) healthily and exercising a bit here and there. Daffy