Advice if anyone experience with entacapone

Sorry meant to ask if anyone has experience of taking entacapone i would love to hear how it was my consultant has just prescribed it and the possible side effects are a bit scary thanks

Hello bmh23
I was prescribed Entacapone in March following a discussion with my consultant. The problem was that I was managing on my then prescription but felt like the quality benefit of my medication faded after a couple of hours. We discussed the possibility of adding an extra dose but I wasn’t keen to do that at this stage. He then suggested Entacapone to slow the wearing off of my medication, which I agreed to. I was a bit anxious about taking the Entacapone but only because it had been a long time since I had introduced a new drug. In the event however, it hasn’t caused me any problems with side effects except some increased involuntary movement which does not bother me. It has been successful in the aim of slowing the wearing off period.

Thank you Tot thats good to know. ive the same problem meds seem to be wearing off quicker with on times a lot shorter. The change over seems complicated, you’ve eased my mind a bit. Thanks again and keep well.