Can anybody write about good results adding Entacapone to Madopar, without bad side effects? I am being encouraged to try it to extend timings, but am very worried about side effects commonly reported.


I am taking sinemet + entacapone.  i used to be on madopar. the only side effect has been tangerine-coloured pee. it seems to work well though by dose of levadopa was also increased.

I am also on Sinemet and Entacapone - it does seem to make it work for longer.  I have not had any bad side effects apart from the highly coloured urine


Thanks you two, for your encouraging responses.

It would be really useful to know what were your initial daily dosages, how long you have been taking Entacapone, and how much you take now.



Anyone know if Ropinirole and Co-Caroledopa go well together, my neuro has advised I take 62,5mg along with the 16mg of Ropinirole I'm taking. I haven't any side effects from Ropinirole but the two meds together.......I don't know...........answers on a postcard please!! smile



Hello  Supa

                    I was taking Entacapone x Madopar until the fitting of  Duodopa and it powered up hypersexuality , It was replaced with Tolcapone  which fixed the job I was pleased as  I was nearly 60 and really could not be botheredcool