I was diagnosed in 2009 aged 59 and started on Sinemet in 2014 increasing the dose a couple of times since then. I now take Sinemet (cocarbidopa/levodopa) 3 times a day: morning 37.5/150 mg; noon 50/200 mg; and evening 37.5/150 mg. However, recently I have been wearing off (ie the effect of Sinemet not lasting as long as it used to). My neurologist has advised that I take entacapone along with Sinemet, the combined pill being called Stalevo, which apparently hinders wearing off enabling the Sinemet to work longer. Got a couple of queries:

(1) Has anyone taken entacapone for wearing off and if so did you notice any improvement and (2) did you encounter any side effects. Would be very grateful for any info or advice. Thanks

Yeah i had same my nero introduce azilect 1aday and after week started on entacphone 5 aday they have gave me a new life.i use to get half an hour to hour in the 4 hr period of sinemet now 2 to 3 hr side affect makes you urine bright orange and i mean bright .apart from that great
Trying safinamide tomorrow new drug works abit like entacphone but meant to have less dyskinesa. Sorry the entacphone gives a little dyskinesa and safinamide one tablet a day.got to try it if no good back to entacphone.

Thanks very much Gus, sounds encouraging. I will try to have a go - wish me luck! hope it all goes well with you too. Cheers