Environmental Toxins & Parkinson's Disease

Hi all

This is a link to my vlog about Environmental Toxins & Parkinson's Disease.





As i have written about before in my teenage yrs i worked on a farm one of my jobs on the farm was using herbicides namely paraquat, there is a known connection as you say.

Interesting Ian, I was cabin crew for 25 years. Alot new information coming out about aerotoxins. Of course Airlines refusing to accept responsibility.

That's something that never occurred to me.   Not surprised that nobody's taking responsibility!

Of course there were two researches by two different companies. Airlines chose to accept the inconclusive result. 

At least 31 pilots have symptoms. And there has been a couple of unexplained deaths. Looking at the symptoms is very enlightening! 

Served in RAF married in 1983 wife developed P in 2008 and lived in married quarters next to airfield last posting Wittering for 4 1/2 years right from 1983 next to A1 and Harriers just flying round in circles all the time, surrounded by arable crops. Other postings were all by the coast Machrihanish and Alnwick plenty of fresh air.