Erectile dysfunction

Bit of a wild opening post but here goes........

I am recently diagnosed with PD, in mid 40's and suffering with the above.

I have been given cialis 5mg daily use which is having little effect. Anybody else in the same boat with suggestions?




Hello smiffy

welcome to the forum.  My OH didn`t use viagra every day, just `as needed` and we found that a longer time lag between taking it and using it worked well for us.  Probably about an hour and a half time lag.  Taking 2 pills didn`t shorten the time lag so 1 pill was as effective as 2.  We were told that if it didn`t work there were other options but we didn`t need to investigate those so can`t be any help, sorry.

Oh, and my OH had previously had problems due to a partially blocked heart artery.  A stent solved the problem.  Apparently it can be the first symptom of a  heart problem so you might want to get that ruled out.

Good luck and best wishes to you and your partner.


Hi Smiffy

My husband was told he was only allowed to have 4 cialis is a month on the NHS.

I don't know if he would have the energy to make use of 30 a month!

It would have been useful if he fell out of bed however!



id look into that golden girl, my gp told me as i have pd cialis 5mg a day is available on nhs.


good luck

i had a vasectomy in my mid  20s  .since then suffered severe severe e has caused major problems in my life. i divorced and remarried and divorced again remarried to a very understanding parkinsons cause big problems along with my falling down losing balance spasms and tremors and insomnia i feel like nothing sometimes i try gain a normal life am fairly active.i enjoy life to the full and thank god my wife is understanding the local gp put my e d down to over weight and yet i lost three stone recently so it isnt that there seems no help on this subject and they have put me on sidenafil four tablets a month. i have a high wife drive so its nowhere near enough.e d destroys what little confidence we men have at best of times but combined with Parkinson its hell. you feel like crap ,low and  often depressed. the thing is my wife keeps me alive and for this she supports me it does help. if i didn't have my wife i think i would give up. feels like my body is failing fast and at my age its longer in control of my body. last year i was flying back from holiday and forgot to take enough medication, for four hours my body was spazaming on the way back.ppl look at you like your insane laugh and snigger human nature laughs at what it doesn't understand. i laugh back.anyone with parkinsons i feel for them. any man with e d i feel for them. rise above it and try get confidence back .sometimes its awful but keep rising above it. all the best fellow e d sufferers.

Smiffy makes it clear he is prescribed a daily Viagra-type pill, yet our GP insists it is a max of 4 a month, as yours seems to. Could someone at PDUK clarify the prescribing regs so you could go armed with info to request more?

i am so sorry life is so difficult for you,Wolfman, but perhaps help in this problem area might lift your spirits.



Dude, to be honest, I myself have never encountered this problem, but my father is a doctor and therefore I can tell you with accuracy that five milligrams is very small. In addition, it all depends on the quality of the pills. Most manufacturers make poor-quality medicines and therefore they do not help people.

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