Errm good news..I think?


Hi all 

So, i went the the neurologist today, and instead of the final diagnoses i was excepting, what she said was that there was too many factors, so she is sending me to a physiologist-neurologist because my mental state is very bad.

It was like getting hit my a bus the one thing i was afraid she would say would be that she wants to see how i progress, i am struggling now without meds or any help, and she wants to see how bad it gets.... thats frightening. soo thats an update a guess, have to see this person who will pick my mind in Preston sometime this year, whilst the neurologist sees how bad i get :/

Maybe get in touch with you GP explain how you feel, sometimes you need to push things along yourself. If I hadn't have made some phone calls my wife would still be waiting to be seen. Good luck Billywhizz


Hi silentwolf  I agree with BIlly whizz . Go back to Gp and explain how you feel . I'm sorry you're appt didn't go as well as you'd have liked . What tests have they done ? Have you had an MRI scan ,or DAT scan ?


Hi to all of you

i agree 100% with the advice already given some Dr's can be quite dismissive and some just plain stupid depending on the hospital you are under if they have a Dat scanner that is the only one that can see PD. MRI and CT scanners can only rule out other possible conditions. Not totally sure where Preston is in UK but would say go back to your GP ask to be re referee to the hospital with a DAT Scanner and don't be fobbed off.  We all have a primary care trust you can go to in regards to seeking info about which hospital has which type of equipment. There will be a branch of the PUK support group in your area apart from making new friends the members have either got PD or they are carer's and family so have lots of experience. 

I wish you the very best of luck sometime you have to push for answers and get your b**** head on.