Esa 50 forms

I've just received esa50 forms to fill out. I was sure i seen pduk saying we would not have to go through the stress of filling out these forms as you all know it's a degenerating disease. So what's happening it was five years ago the last time i filled these out with my pdsw and i did not have to do a face to face. My forms have to be done by 21st April so when i hear i will let you know what happens. I can not imagine having to keep doing this.


 it was a mirage gus  milllions of pd sufferers world wide its worth the gov spending 1/2 billion just on checking & re checking  in case one out of millions isnt degenerative ..

good luck


Blue badge        I was at my local support group meeting today and a lady said she couldn't get a blue badge for her husband because he could walk over the distance allowed on the form. The thing is they need the badge because he needs the extra space to be able to get in out  of the car. They are obviously a honest couple and wanted to fill the form in truthfully. They have spoken to their MP so it will be interesting to see the outcome .


That's what you get for telling the truth, always tell your worse day. This is down to all the cheats making it worse for people who are generally ill