Hi, got dreaded ESA Assessment in 2 weeks, had DBS so they will assume I am “cured” if on only!!! Anyone who had DBS and got ESA???

I haven’t sorry.
I had my assessment in August. Assessments for esa are a worry.
Make sure you have sent them all the medical information you had.
Good luck.

Were you successful?

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Haven’t had DBS but please read Reah’s post of 25.7 in personal stories feeling stressed. It clearly explains the situation re reviews and exemptions which may not help with this assessment but could be useful depending on the outcome. I would strongly recommend anyone with a pending ESA assessment read this post it is information you need to be aware of. I was able to make the point verbally during my recent assessment and have since had a successful outcome.

My assessment was successful of sorts.
I got it fir 2 years. During which time I will gather more information to send next time which I hope will be my last.
If it had been a year I would have definitely contested it but I can live with 2 years.
Because they won’t know what’s hit them in 2021 it will take them days to read it.
Good luck

I don’t really understand it all. I applied as I have had to give up work and going for early medical retirement. Once I get my pay out from work, they can keep their poxy benefit!!! I just need money until then!

Thanks for this. I am still stressing though.

Have you got PIP?

Yes I have, just the care component. Generally I have found PIP easier than ESA did you want to know anything in particular? Can’t tell you not to get stressed because they just are, it’s called an assessment but feels like a test or that you are being judged. You can only say it like it is. I used Reah’s info at my Ax and said something along the lines of I fitted the criteria in the guidelines and have these been applied just to be sure the assessor was at least aware of the guidelines. Read through your form to refresh your memory as they do quite often say you wrote … In my experience they ask a lot of how many times on average do you do you?.. Since I don’t keep copious notes as I don’t let PD rule my life any more than is necessary (and I do say that) I can only give a best estimate - to my mind averages mean little open as they are to interpretation and even less with the fluctuations of PD. Don’t be fooled if I sound confident one of my most difficult non motor symptoms is managing anxiety so I make efforts to be open and honest about me, my situation and the impact of the assessment. That’s all I can do. I always request a copy of the assessment too. Don’t know if this helps but I wish you luck and do your best not to stress too much.

Thank you so much, anxiety is hideous for me and worse part!!; I don’t think I can do it

Do you have someone to go with you?

Always take someone with you if you can. I did.
I get PIP higher daily living and standard mobility rate.
Remember they are 2 separate benefits
ESA is seeing if you would be able to do any work regardless of what work you did do. ESA is means tested as such.
PIP is seeing what help you need to make your life easier. PIP is not means tested.
Some of the questions for both are similar but worded differently.
Try and go if you can they will see what you are like or as you have now had an assessment date you could ask for a home assessment but for this you would need good cause and a letter from your doctor stating why you can’t attend.

How did you get on today?

Have messaged you!