ESA Arrears

My long overdue WCA is this week, hopefully bringing a substantial back dated payment with it. However, there may be a job on the horizon - so if I get the job and leave ESA, will I still get the backdated payment?

Any comments / advice will be gratefully accepted!!!


I'm no expert but that's very difficult too answer.

I would say, if your thinking of a job on the horizon and are fit enough too be considering it do you think you'll pass a W.C.A ??. if you did and take on a job I'm not sure the legal implications of it would be favourable from the point of view of the DWP, they might and i say might ask for it back,because technically you've been saying your unfit, it make be the case your put in the working group too eventually in the future moving towards work if you still feel fit enough too do so given that PD is a degenerative illness.

there are rules you can look up on esa and working.

When i was assessed i was put into the support group, I was and am in the mind that i am not fit enough too consider working  and was found too be  just that for the foreseable future.

thanks. Wasnt job hunting, but a relative has been able to put me in contention.the irony is that it in hmrc!


That is kinda ironic. perhaps a call too citizens advice ??.

spoke to them 12 month ago...said they would be in touch... still waiting

Irony complete! I am now employed by HMRC!!!!

Didn't get the back payment, despite being placed in the support group, was £2 better off a week!