Esa assessments

Having been assessed, had my benefit taken away, then reinsated after going to tribunal. I am now having to undergo sssessment again. Why? Well a fellow sufferer made me smile (not easy with the parkinson's poker-face). She said that while passing a slightly ajar door at the assessment centre she overheard an assistant ask the assessor why a previous candidate was being turned down. The assessor answered. " You must realise that I am only following ze orders but when you think about it. These incurable brain disease people must be stopped at all costs! They bringing the country to it's knees!

Hi, well that was a nice comment wasn't it? Thinking about it though this Government is telling the entire country that all the disabled and chronically ill people are just scrounging by claiming benefits, so I guess we shouldn't be too surprised that the assessors are thinking along the same lines.

Personally I would have reported what I had overheard, I do hope that your friend did just that. I'm sure others will have their own comments on this issue too.
Oh well this incurable brain diseased person needs to get on.

Vy do ze assessors haff German accents?
hi i had a medical again told was fit for work last time now its happened again i won appeal with help fr0m welfare rights last time but with cutbacks dont think they can halp now i have a 12 y old daughter and i only get disability and esa so if stop esa i be skint i will try and appeal again