Esa decision

Well  i finally had my esa decision today i have  been put in into support group which is the best possible outcome no assessment they did a paper assessment based on all the medical evidence i sent in , my assessment phase ended 6 weeks ago  so maybe Atos are indeed getting there act together


Good news for you Shelly.

i had my assessment on the 6th, no news yet or post, except i have a appointment in december for the parky nurse.

i'll take a wild guess i'll be put in a work group.

Hi shelly65

That's really good news!


Thanks Ezinda

Sea angler i did not have to have a assessment they did a paper based one  but i did send loads of medical evidence ,

Good luck with the decision sea angler

Hi Shelly

Good for you hun I am glad its working out for you as now you can concentrate on your condition rather than all the worry all the time hopefully one day I will have some good news to post as well well I live in hope anyway take care Shelly.............................Paul

Thank you Paul

Don't give up Paul keep fighting , we are all behind you  and i really hope it gets sorted for you soon , can't be to much longer now  x

Good luck to all!


 I had a travel expenses giro for £8.50(wont spend it all at once) from the atos assesment drop through the post this morning, might be getting close too a decision or they're looking at it.

Good luck sea angler heres hoping they get it sorted soon for you and  you get the right decision

Funny thing was i phoned dwp up on wednesday for a different reason but asked if there had been any advancces with my esa i was told no nothing but the next day my decision drops through the door  just goes to show she did not bother looking if she had she would have seen it



I would fone them, but experience tells us what they say over the fone isn't always correct, so i'll see when its written in print.

great  news shelly. my advice to any one ,send pics of meds,aids & as much paper work you can !make sure you photo copy it as some times you dont get oringinals back

Thanks Gus  my esa is sorted and my pip award is till 2018 so i have a stress free few years before it starts again with pip

i am on the old dla ,suppose got it all to come but my psw reckons i will get more money as only on middle care ,high mobiity so i should get high care plus i never had to go for assesment paper ,photos good enough !cost me photo copying tho lol

Yes i think thats the key send as much information as you possibly can the more you send the higher the chance of a paper assessment rather than a face to face , there are only two rates to pip standard and enhanced , i think  i spent nearly six  pound photo copying all the evidence i sent to esa but well worth it , get print outs of your meds from docs and send them  every little helps smiley


I photo copied what i had which was  not a lot ,3 pages the neuro sent me on the 3 appointments i had and sent them off.

I dont know if the assessor was being sincere at my assessment but he did say twice "i support your claim 100%" or maybe it was just a attempt too lay blame elsewhere should i be found fit for work by the dwp.

hi sea angler, did you send picture of meds & repeat paper work 


hi gus

My med's were listed within the letters i had from my neuro.

Hi Sea angler /Michelle/Gus


Its a bit different ESA to PIP in so much its a much clearer picture to paint

With PIP they will argue every single thing they can to discredit you and score lower points which either leads to no award or a smaller award that what is needed to support your condition.

With ESA the fact that you suffer from Parkinsons a disease that progresses and will probally only get worse means they cannot place you in the ESA working group not least because of health and safety you see employers have a duty of care to protect you and others from acts or ommisions that may endanger safety. I supppose there are some jobs were people have been able to work there are probally a few exceptions but not many and only were very strict adjustments have been put in place. And probally were the employee was already in place as well.

My situation is I work on the railway and at first they put adjustments in place but that was 12 months ago now the situation is there prefered method is ill health retirement at the grand old age of 50. So the soona s that happens and its going to be soon I will claim ESA and my theory is how can I be put in anything other rhan the support group its not possible for all the reasons stated........................Paul


I totally agree with you Storm.

I had too finish work because i became incapable of doing the Job, i worked in a kitchen with other people, I wasn't aware until i finished the job but i'd become a danger too myself and those i worked with, there are many danger's within a kitchen enviroment,..heat,sharp's,chemical's, food hygeine ect.

having the wrong frame of mind even  though i wasn't perhaps aware of it myself is a danger in it's self, it was also distressing too the other's i worked with, going from confident, able and loving the job and those i worked with too not knowing the job anymore and myself.

I didn't start a  claim e.s.a until some 8 weeks or so later and that was at my doctors insistance.

I do have some News though, i thought i'd be brave and fone.

I dont have it in print in my hands, so i wont take it as gospel until i do, but i have been provisionally put in the 'support group' for 6 months too be reviewed then from the 23rd of oct, this will give me some time too see where thing's are going for me, which is a relief.


Woo hoo lolsmiley

thats good news sea angler