ESA Mandatory reconsideration notice, an unchanged decision

Hello all

Ive had my ESA stopped in January after getting 0 points in my WCA  which was in early Decembera

With help from Parkinsons uk I asked for a mandatory reconsideration and last week I got the result that the DWP have not changed their decision (I didn't think they would) and because I still feel that I should be entitled I'm going to ask for it to go to tribunal.

I would love to to hear from anyone else who has gone through or is going through this. I haven't got a clue what to expect or what's going to happen as I've never had to do anything like this before.

Ive got the sscs1 form ready to fill out and I understand that ive got one month to send it in also I've spoken to the CAB and am waiting for a call from them.



Have you got a pd support worker to help you fill in forms

Hi I've spoken to them yes but unfortunately due to the number of people they are already helping they are unable to do this for me 

can i ask how long you have had parkinsons

Hi Gus 

'I was diagnosed this time last year but I've had symptoms for a couple of years before.

My good days are ok,my bad days are difficult and the Meds I'm on are helping like they do and I keep close eye on my diet and try to exercise when I can but with all the stress of this, on my bad days I'm terrible to the point where struggle with literally everything 

I'm 45 hate hate hate being on benefits. Always worked and payed my way not looking forward to having to go through this to ask for some benefits one little bit.  




Thing is they don't give a jot about your bad days, they only need to hear you say you have a good day and then they can turn around and say you are fit for work, doesnt matter to them what that work is of it is for 10 mins, even if that's one good day a month it entitles them to say you have good days, it's all about dis-crediting what you have said you cant do or struggle to do.

they rely on us to play down this illness which is human nature 'i'm ok' or 'i manage' all plays into their hands  if you managed to get too an assessment, then you are able to walk x distance and able to plan to get somewhere which are also questions on the form, and when they greet you, you get up and say 'i'm ok' to their good morning how are you.

Nearly all the people who fail are those who fill in the forms themselves


if i was you i'd look for your local disability advice service and get an appointment confirmed with them rather than wait for a call back, they will help you fill the forms in and chase them up on your behalf, Dont feel guilty about being on benefits, you havent asked to be ill and you've contributed tax and N.i credits for this very reason, what if,

You can also ask the dwp for extension on a tribunal date to put together a good case if you have to wait for an appointment to put paper work together.

My partner has had disability living allowance for the last 6 yrs at the highest rate mobility! We were told to apply for PIP which we did, he was turned down, they scored him 0, when in fact his symptoms are so bad he will be having a second DBS surgery!

We have also sent them a reconsideration letter and are waiting to hear, but we have to give the car back by the 4th April!

Get as much help and advice as you can! Good luck 

Thanks for the advice I rang them today but they where busy but I will keep trying until I get to speak to them 

It does seem to me that it didn't matter what I said or did at the WCA I was always going to get 0 points 

I got a copy of the medical report from and the person who carried it out was a physiotherapist 

He actually put down that I " go to the pub a few times a week " not that it matters if I do but I don't , I would never had said that 

also I drive a manual car ..... I don't and never would have said that I've had to change to a automatic two years ago 

that I'm going to see a DIABETIC nurse . God nows where that's come from..... I'm not 

and to top it off I was told " you're condition is unlikely to cause you significant disability " I couldn't believe it.


Hi Sarah I'm sorry to hear about that how's your partner doing now it must be difficult and very stressful 

I was watching a lady on YouTube she was also told her car was going and was given a date she got in touch with Parkinsons uk and they helped her over turn it. 

Hope things work out 


sad but sea angler is right you should only tell them your bad days ! I've got Parkinson do you get a good day with this Nero degenerative disease,thats the answer 

Hi Paul,

What you said about your assessment is disgusting! They are basically lying about people's abilities!

There were so many things on my husbands medical report that we hadn't said, and loads of things that she didn't bother to put in!!! 

We told her that because he is struggling with his grip etc, he is changing to an automatic, to make it easier! She put in the report, he drives a manual car therefore shows adequate grip!!

She asked about his walking/balance, he couldn't really answer that, because he can fall just standing from a chair! She asked if he had fallen outside of the assessment centre, he said no, so she put that his mobility etc is fine! 

I am seeing more and more stories of people with PD not being listened to at these ridiculous medicals, it is absolutely disgusting!

Nobody should have to beg for help, nobody should have to prove how sick they are!


Hi Citizens advice are great.

A Welfare rights officer took my case on. she was brilliant.

hi i really don't understand some of these assessors.  I think they can't have any experience of or read up on the disease.  Surely even if we do have days or periods in the day when our meds make us feel better (although what is the benchmark for better, certainly not the prior to PD days), an employer cant allow us to turn up and do 1 hours work 1 day an not even make it in the next.  Even though my employer was sympathetic and allowed me to come to work 2 hours late and order taxis to get me around.  Eventually we both had to admit that after shaking too much to type, falling over and having to get other staff member to take me home I had to leave.

This disease has taken away a job i loved, my independence, my dignity, my finances, my social life- is there the prospect of getting better and returning to work - from the bottom of my heart i wish there was, but not at the moment.  I wish that I didn't have to depend on a benefit - i hate it.  I have had to change and adapt to stay in control of my life as it is now. Maybe we need to find a way of making the assessors spend a day in our shoes.  Would they score us  a 0 then I wonder?





They missed loads out of my report too and just seemed to focus on that I go to the pub a lot and other stuff that isn't part of the scoring system any way like I can sit and watch a film ( and that was in the report too! ) 

and because "I can sit and watch a film ". I can stay in one place like a work station for an hour without having to move away to avoid significant discomfort or stress 

Yet they forgot to put in things like when I'm well enough for my daughters to stay (my yongest is special needs) which use to be every other weekend they offen go back to their mums early because I'm too tired after being up most of the night or I can't cook for them or my yongest needs her hair washing etc 

If the decision maker had his own business would he really employ someone who falls asleep in the day, is very slow and generally struggles day to day with PD ? 

Hi Glasgow girl 

how did you get on 

I've just got off the phone to them so the ball has started to roll 

Hi juju 

Its nice to hear from you 

The guy that did my WCA seemed really nice. A physiotherapist and without sounding disrespectful when he came to get me from the waiting room I honestly thought he was someone on a university /college work placement working with the receptionist or something ,he was so young. I wish I'd asked him his experience and knowledge about PD I very much think it would be minimal,but like I said it would have made no difference to the outcome 


I'm so the same I'm determined that one day hopefully I'll be able to work again but I can't think it will be as a carpenter and joiner, I loved going to work and really miss earning a living 

The last thing people with progressive diseases need is this type to thing I can't help but think how bad does someone have to be to get 1point


Hi there i  got what i  should have been given in the first place.

Although i had already lost my car. Was a terrible time which I should never been put through. It is an awful system. X

Hello Glasgow girl

sorry about your car 

Did you have to go to tribunal 


Yes I had to go to a tribuneral.

Hope everything works out for you. X