ESA Medical Assessment

Well medical assessment at 11am this morning waited an hour to be seen their excuse you need to see someone with medical expertise in your conditions. That was a lie he turned out to be a healthcare physiotherapist.
Was only interested in the following of my conditions COPD Rhuematoid Arthritis fibromyalgia and Parkinson’s.
usual asked how long I had had them my son said you have the list of diagnosis dates.
Asked how we got there. We told appointment with Parkinson’s nurse holly was last week and waiting for referrals for other people. His attitude was the neurologist letter wasn’t enough
That was it he said dwp will let me know in 6 weeks and because I didn’t have any letters or care plan I would be called for another assessment.
That took half an hour.
I am going to see what the report says before I do anything else. Then hopefully my bits from holly would have come. I am holding off notifying pip people until I get that and I can send them a copy.
Will let you know what happens I intend to get in touch with my local Parkinson’s advisor as holly gave me her details as soon as I know what the report says

Something I left off he only asked me a couple of questions the rest of the time he was asking Richard ( my son) and looking at him.

I telephoned dwp and they have report they are sending me a copy but decision maker hasn’t looked at it yet. But the report will give me an idea of what’s what.
Also my local Parkinson’s advisor is going to help with putting a complaint in about the assessor.

I am so glad I found this site.