ESA refusal

I have found out today that I do not qualify for ESA allowance. That is devastating news because I have had to give up my job recently because it was getting too difficult for me physically. I really enjoyed it and it was a hard decision. My husband's work is drying up, and we really needed the extra allowance. They said I scored 9 points, and needed 15 to qualify. I can't think of any job I am capable of doing now. It seems you have to be nearly dead to qualify. I feel angry because we have never claimed any benefits before, and have always paid our way,
I just needed to vent my anger somewhere!
You have my sympathy, the same thing happened to me last year. The system is rotten to the core and is being cynically manipulated by an evil and wicked Government.
Butterfly, are you appealing against it?
Yes I am. I don't have much hope though. This, despite the fact that the doctor who gave me the medical felt that I definitely qualified. How Am I going to be able to bridge the gap of 6 points?
Hi butterfly19553,

I'm not sure if you've seen the transcript of our recent Q&A on ESA: and our information sheet:

Both help to explain the criteria for assessing ESA. These seems increasingly challenging to meet. People with Parkinson's often have difficulty explaining that their condition fluctuates.

After you take a look at these, do give a ring the the benefits adviser, Stephen on our helpline at 0808 800 0303 to see if he can help.

I wish you the best on your appeal.


PS: I've removed your extra 'l'.
hi im so sorry that bad news has come to you and hubby.i would apeal aginst it,im sure you can do so,ino you can with dla.check out the info ezinda has givern you as well.good luck with everything,please keep in touch how you getting on x:smile:
Thank you I, M and A for your concern. Also, thank you ezinda. I will take your advice. I haven't been following the forum for the last 6 wks, so was not aware of that thread.
Dear buterfly

I dont know where you live, but check out if you have a branch of DIAL (Disability Information & Advice Line) near you. I volunteer for my local branch here in North Yorkshire. I was also helped by them to get DLA. It made a MASSIVE difference to the result, from nothing to HR mobility. They might be able to give you some advice re appeal
good luck x