ESA Support Group and SMI

Hi, can anyone advise if I am able to claim mortgage interest support. Having had to give up my job due to my A Typical PD (slurred speach makes it quite difficult being involved in sale) i have been confirmed ESA support group, and PIP. Can I claim for mortgage interest assistance?
I’ve checked the internet, but it does not provide any certainty?
We are in the process of selling but if I can receive this help it will make a world of difference to us.

Hello RyderCupplayer,

Thanks for you for posting this on the forum, and I’m sure one or two (or more) of our forum members will have some support and advice for you.
We do also have some information on pension credit on the website that might be of use to you. You can take a look here: Our helpline will also be able to offer you some advice, if you’d like to speak with someone one on one about this. They won’t be open until Tuesday from 9am-7pm, but you can call them on 0808 800 0303.

I hope this is helpful for you, and best wishes,
Moderation Team.