ESA Tribunal Appeal success

Just wanted to post some positive news. My husband (dx with PD 2007) appealed against the decision to put him into ESA WRAG and won. So there is some justice out there. We went to tribunal and a Doctor and Judge looked at his case and gave in our favour. He has now been placed in the Support group and won't lose his contribution based ESA after a year. Awful that we had to almost beg and plead to get what is his by right after 40 year solid work record. As my husband said when we left the tribunal with the decision, he was pleased and relieved it had gone our way, but would swap all the ESA contributions in the world to be well enough to earn his own living again.
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Congratulations on winning your appeal :} But just as they have decided to change the system and we are all in line for a new medical??
congratulations on winning your appeal, i think i must be one of the lucky few who did,nt have to have a medical when i applied for esa the consultant,s report and other medical information must have been all they needed to do the assesment i filled in the questonaire and sent it and the medical information along with it and just recieved a letter to say i was in the support group no medical needed i dont know if anyone else has had the same thing happen i could not believe i did not need a medical, but i am glad you challenged the system and won best wishes, sue.
congratulations on your appeal success, were currently appealing at the moment and its just a waiting game at the moment for it to be heard and im just hoping we get a successful appeal because if we dont thats just a worry at the moment i totally get what your husband says about working as my dad says it all the time! but then he just goes but i cant you know yourself just how much theyd love it if they could get back to work to.