I will soon have to go through the agony of convincing (i believe it will be ATOS) that I cannot work any longer, the Occupationl health doctors in the NHS (I work in NHS) have said categorically that I am no longer able to work and am being dismissed after many adjustments. Anyone gone through the ESA assessments recently? I am alredy on DLA higher mob/med care. Thanks
Those details apply to me EXACTLY. I have a medical on Monday am . I'll fill you in with what happened when I get back.

See you soon
Many thanks and good luck
Hi there.

I had my ESA medical today (it was delayed). Altogether it wasn't a bad experience as the Dr was very kind and polite. He gave me a few physical tests that seemed to have to do with skeletal issues, gave me an eye test and asked me loads of questions.

The only problem was that all the questions didn't apply to PD. How do you answer :- can you get dressed in the morning? You say 'yes, but only after a struggle'.

I finally started making statements. Sleep problems, stiffness. aching, falls etc. It was the only way to get the things mentioned that I wanted to talk about.

I don't know what the result is going to be. I have to wait 3 weeks. I'll keep you informed

i too have just filled out ATOS form the last dr who saw me on there behalf said he knew nothing about PD but said i was fit for work anyway and it took me 6 months too get my money back .I am not looking forward to this years medical as im a lot worse this year and feel i could noy cope with another 6 months appealing for my money it really depresses me .Why can they not take a consultants a gp and a nurses word that i will never be fit to work and leave me a bit of dignity . There attitude is if you can find your own arse your fit
Something good happened to me today.

I'm pleased to report that it appears that I must of said the right things at the medical. I received a letter today effectively saying I should just carry on and the payments will continue.

For me that's good but I understand that some people will always fall through the net.

I still think the 'tick box' scoring system they use is not completely suited to PD, rather than patients with back ache or depression!

My advice is to take over the interview a bit. Make sure the doctor knows your problems. A list written down beforehand helped me.

Best wishes

Chris thats excellent news, I have my final hearing at work on 14th November, as soon as they fix the date for my departure I will have to pluck up the courage to complete all the ESA paperwork. Wendy
I had my ESA medical in September and was told on the day that I was not fit for work and never will be likely to be ever again. I had a very nice understanding doctor, I get high rate Care on DLA and am now trying to get high rate mobility as I only get low rate even tho my walking is very limited. I wish you luck with the ESA.
Hello everyone i have been placed on the group which i have to go for interviews and take all the help they offer to get me back to work. I am yrs old dx pd last year severe back pain due to disc problems lower back limited movement in one arm caused by fall 6yrs ago which showed i have the start of osteoporosis and have suffered depression for many years.Do these people think i have not got enough problems without getting stressed going for interviews which i have not got a hope in hell of getting if there was one. Also i have read previous experience's it seems you all went for medical does that come after then because they have not asked me to go for medical?
I have completed my ESA forms having been dismissed by NHS trust on the grounds of medical incapacity and their final bit was that I was not fit for any role within the Trust. Will let you all know how I get on.:rolling_eyes:
:disappointed: Well it was short and not so sweet, DWP said I have not paid enough NI contributions. That said I had spoken to HMRC prior to the ESA application and they said I had paid the last two years and had full 30 years for OAP purposes. Well back to the phone tomorrow find out what is the story!!