Oh well - I’m surer we all have to go through it but I have my ESA assessment next week (by phone as, of course, during lockdown ‘face to face’ is avoided). I’m certainly not looking forward to it but I suppose I’ll have to give it my best shot.
I a few weeks or so it will be followed by another crack at PIP.
Whatever - best wishes everyone - take care - stay safe

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Hi @Justthisguy
Benefit assessments can be daunting at the best of times, without the added stress that many people are feeling with Covid-19. You might find it useful to have a chat with your Parkinson’s UK Local Adviser or contact our Helpline to help you prepare.

Some things to consider would be:

  • If you’ve got a copy of the form you filled in, do go over this in advance of the call to refresh your memory as to how you answered. If things have changed or become more difficult since you filled in the form, make a note and remember to let the assessor know.

  • If you’ve not got a copy of your form you can find a list of the assessment descriptors/activities in our ESA Factsheet This also includes some good example responses to some of the questions. You can also find a blank copy of the form here.

  • If possible have someone with you that knows you well during the call for moral support, and do put your phone on speaker so they join in with the conversation if appropriate.

  • The criteria for the ESA assessment activities is being able to complete these safely, to an acceptable standard, as often as you need to and in a reasonable amount of time. All of these factors can be an issue with Parkinson’s symptoms, so do think about them when responding to the assessors questions and be prepared to explain how your symptoms affect you in more detail.

I hope your assessment goes well and you get a good result, however if you need help to challenge a decision our Helpline and Local Advisers can help.

Warm regards,

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Thanks for that. I have already chatted and exchanged emails with with Delyth (L.A.) and will chat with her again tomorrow.
Certainly, since completing the form, I have experienced more symptoms and will be sure to mention them during the assessment. I think one of the most important things is to note all my symptoms and mention them whenever they are relevant to each question.
Unfortunately I didn’t keep a copy of the form but will try to prepare myself as much as possible. It has been arranged that, 10 minutes before the assessment, a GP will phone me - I hope the GP will be batting in my corner

I remember ESA assessments and recall much discussion over my availability/ability to work and what adjustments at my workplace would enable me continue to work. After 3 years my ESA stopped once my.long term sick pay started.

For PIP, concentrate on whether you can do something
S - Safely
E - Effectively
R - Reliably
T - In a Timely manner


Explain how you are affected by the timing of your meds and ON /OFF periods. Don’t overstate your abilities, ignore your best day and concentrate on a typical day. If for part of the day you can’t do something in line with S E R T. Try to set this out as % or hours of the day

Make it clear what aids would be useful, even if you don’t currently have it. Walking sticks, frames, shower seat, lowered thresholds ramps, wider doorways, lower
worktop, wheelchair, mobility scooter, adapted car. Even having a cleaner or assistant to get dressed or help with shopping can help your PIP assessor see how what is basically a cash award could really make a difference to your life.

You have to make it clear HOW PIP will help.



Just remember too tell them you’re worse day ie hard to get of bed till meds kick in,cannot walk without being in pain often fall over ,need help bathing ,prepare food,memory loss,how many tablets your on,help with shopping, bills, need companun when planning trips out,have prescription with you side affects, how many meds aday start with telling them that you may have problems with speech and anxiety dry mouth EVERYTHING DO NOT SAY YOU CAN DO SOMETHING WHEN YOU CAN’T ON YOUR WORSE DAY .BEST OF LUCK REMEMBER YOU HAVE PARKISONS.Also tell them about living aids ie grab rails, walking stick,scooter, disabled shower room, lever taps You score points the more you have

Thanks - I’ll try to bear that in mind

Cheers - I’ll try to bear that in mind

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The ESA assessment seemed to go well but I will wait for the letter before I know for sure. Next up - PIP claim

Hello Justthisguy
Can I ask if you have heard anything yet? Hope you don’t mind, my husband had his telephone assessment today. Which seemed to be cut short he asked all about meds and then 3 questions and said he didn’t need to ask anymore as he ad what he needed, can only hope that was meant as a good thing in there way :woman_shrugging:

Hello Dawny81
That’s OK - I don’t mind you asking. It was OK. This was a while ago and I can’t remember much but please get back to me if you need to.

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Oh sorry I didn’t see the year :roll_eyes: and I will do thank you :blush: