I thought working -age  PWPs would find this interesting!

At last the dreaded ATOS assessments are ending and a government committee has made many recommendations about  urgent and necessary improvements to the system for those unable to work because of health problems.




I think the assessment's will continue under Capita and other's I read a longer version or tried yesterday, they've cherry picked the best bits on that blog. I've sat on the assessment stage of ESA for nearly a year without being assessed , I called the other day too see what was happening, they wont give me a date for a assessment only 'we'll get around too you in due time'.

My Contributions based ESA runs out in October, i'll have too claim JSA or Income support then regardless of illness although they've stated this is no different in terms of money of being on 'assessment stage esa' in cost in the report, or wait 6 months mandatory too claim ESA again.

There are currently 700,000 waiting for assessment

full version of the report..

That was a very interesting read

I  have been on assessment stage since June so no hope for me yet them, i did phone Atos the other day only to be told my papers were with a medical assessor  but there is a backlog so no hope of hearing anytime soon , if your contributions based runs out sea angler i think you can claim income based esa when your contribution based runs out

 I since got in contact with D.i.a.l they are going too help me with that in october when it comes up, they also phoned the dwp on my behalf too hurry things along but got the same answer you have with my papers are with a assessor, i suppose reading the link we could be quite a while waiting, the system seems too be in just as big a mess as the passport people.


Hope this is a link to the conclusions and recommendations section of the full report that sea-angler refers to.

It makes clear recommendations that a paper-based approach to people with progressive, long-term conditions, rather than a face-to-face interview, with evidence collected from GPs etc by the DWP , and far fewer or no reassessments when there is no likelihood of an improvement in ability should be brought in quickly, plus many other improvements to the system as soon as ATOS finishes its contract.

I feel hopeful that people will be far less distressed by the process in the future.

Thank goodness for independent review bodies!

Here's hoping....


If the link won't open, click on sea-angler's link and scroll down to" conclusions and recommendations" and click on that!