I have had to take ill health retirement and consequently received a lump sum from my pension. This has been used to pay off my mortgage. It seems however that this will preclude me from being able to claim ESA -this doesn't seem very fair -is this correct?



I thought at first i knew the answer too this, but i think you'll need too seek professional advice, i thought there was a limit of £6000  savings if you claimed income based esa and £16,000 if you claimed contribution based esa.

But i don't know about the lump sum/paying the mortgage and how it would effect your esa, i'm not sure if you have over the amount  £16,000 for every x£ number over the limit you have they take off a £ amount off your esa or your esa finishes??. And that is where you'll need too seek professional advice.

hope it makes some sort of sense?.