VWell it's 3.25am and I'm still awake. 

esa tribunal is tomorrow or should I say today and don't know why I'm bothering.  Stopped taking my pills yesterday and feel like shit ...tremoring, can't relax, twitching , stiff, hope I'm not messing things up by suddenly not taking high dosage drugs, just to be able to guarantee that I can demonstrate how this bloody disease affects me most of the time.

Perhaps discussing my most personal habits with complete and utter strangers will help and by doing so the resulting stress which is portrayed by an inability to breathe to those parties might persuade them to give me a paltry sum of about £70 quid each week after my nearly five decades of work.

Am I bitter???   I sure as hell am, after lazy #####!!, conmen etc all make a living out of receiving benefits and I'm made to feel like a lazy scrounging parasite and told to get back to work and lose the pension I have spent years paying into.

Good luck moonand stars, I hope you have a positive outcome. I can't believe you have to go through a tribunal to get what you're due. It's shocking in 2016 that good people can't avail of the results of all their hardwork. Best wishes. DivineR

Well shut that door.....I've only won.........and it was only due to the help and support of Parkinson's UK ....Thank you so much

Thank god f or this website !!!!!


Congratulations Moonandstars

anybody had a work capability test lately? had my first last weekend, i was told they will assess and decide whether i can work and will put me in a work related group or a support group. i just wondering what they expect of you etc? and what happens basically. is anybody here in the work related group? 

Great news moonandstars.  My area no longer offer ESA, it all now comes under the umbrella of Universal Credit.  I feel totally screwed over after paying into the system working full time since I was 16 years old frown