Hi, diagnosed last year after years of problems. I am having problems with the Neuro patches, I suffer allergies but they work for my LTD any alternatives any one can recommend Thankyou Eunice

I had what I can only describe as burns on my body after using the patches and had to stop altogether.
Although I know a lot of people who use patches and think they are great.

Sorry I am unable to answer your question. I would be phoning my PD nurse and putting this question to her.

Hi,I take sinemet + but have bad restless leg syndrome,for which the Neuro patches are for.any ideas of any alternative for ROD would be appreciated

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Sorry for my reply

Hi @eunice,

I hope all is well.

If you’re having issues with your neuro patches, I would definitely raise this with your GP as soon as possible so that they can look into this. You can also contact our helpline and speak to one of our advisers who have extensive knowledge in Parkinson’s related medication. Do give them a call on 0808 800 0304 (added the number this time) and they’ll be able to offer you more information on this.

I hope you find the information above useful.

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Thankyou,I am going to Walton next week ,so will have a word with the nurse. Thankyou

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