Ever get the feeling your the last too know?


hi ya

On july 22nd i went for a 'dat scan', the chap carrying out the scan said a couple of things, firstly 'your result's will be analysed and with your consultant the next day' and 'you should make a emergency appointment with your consultant'

I brushed that off as wishful thinking, the nhs doesn't work that fast !!.

It took me quite a while too get a appointment for the results having been given the run around by various nhs contacts, i eventually got a appointment for october the 1st.

The other day my eyes being dry and inflamed i made a appointment at my gp surgery.

I started off telling the locum i saw about my eyes and that it was on top of all the other problems i have had in the past year and that they were under investigation with a Neurologist.

the locum then told me 'yes your eye problems are linked to your parkinsons', 'your neuro will go through them all with you and change your medication's on oct 1st'.

I told him i haven't actually been diagnosed yet!!.

My Fist thoughts were i think you've jumped the gun a bit, but i dismissed what he was saying as only my Neuro should tell me that i have Parkinsons. the appointment ended and i got some cream for my eyes and eye drops.

This morning the Post arrived and there was a appointment letter for a assessment  with A-tos on monday 6th of october, just a few days after my appointment with the Neuro.

All a coincidence?? or After a year i finally have a diagnosis?? and suddenly a assessment!!

And i am the last too know??.

The man doing the Dat scan could see what was going on with the scan.. I couldn't.

The locum Read my notes prior too my appointment... i couldn't

And no doubt the DWP has access and communicates with the NHS.

I bet i am in for the same Disgraceful treatment others have received  on the forum, and reported in the press from A-tos and the DWP post assessment.



Hi sea angler

I can see that you have cause for complaint and I sympathise, at the same time I am amazed at the level of communication between the professionals looking after you! I get so fed up with the amount of message carrying I have to do. i find it difficult to go to an appointment with a doctor and start telling them what to do based on what another doc has said and they have not been told about.


It would be great if all doctors were up too speed, but it is rare in my past experience.

As for the DWP and A tos I Can't help but feel there is a nasty agenda waiting for me i what could be just days after diagnosis, i fear a tos will just dismiss my illness as that is what they are paid too do.