Everything tastes salty


For the last couple of months, all savoury foods taste as if theyve been smothered in salt. I dont use salt on food or in cooking, but am unable to eat any kind of meat…sausages, lamb, beef, chops, beef spread, chicken, and even butter or spreads on bread, because they all taste salty. I can only eat fruit, cereals, rice pudding, biscuits, cake etc, and sometimes eggs/omelettes.


Hi Askernite,
Thanks for your post. We’re sure that one of our forum members will offer their support and advice. However, if not, someone from the Parkinson’s UK moderation team will respond to you as soon as possible. If you need urgent advice, please do get in touch with our Helpline service on 0808 800 0303.

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Hi Askernite,

I hope all is well.

It’s quite common for people with Parkinson’s to experience issues with eating, however, your situation sounds rather unique. Have you raised this with your GP or Parkinson’s nurse? I think it would be really helpful to get their thoughts on this - your Parkinson’s nurse may be able to arrange an appointment with a dietitian if he/she thinks it will be useful.

Just to echo Edwina’s advice, please feel free to contact our helpline team on the number above if you’d like to speak to one of our advisers about this in more detail.

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I saw a different ParkinsonsNurse last time, and left feeling I’d wasted my time. Usually I am weighed and bp taken,this time when i mentioned this wasusually done, the answer was “ well,i cant weigh you, i dont have any scales”( i was a gp receptionist in that building, so i know there are scales available) and “. I can take your bp if you like…”
I told her about all savoury food having a salty taste,she said she’d never heard of that before and perhaps i should see my own doctor!
Shehad a photo of me on my records from when i was first diagnosed, since which i have lost about 2 stones and look entirely different, yet she didnt remark on this until i mentioned my weight loss myself.
I have an appointment with my gp today…hopefully she will be morehelpful


Hi - I’ve just seen your post. I am looking after my mum who has Parkinson’s and she has exactly what you describe. Complains of food tasting salty when there is no or little salt in it. And she has also experience what the hospital referred to as ‘unplanned weight loss’ and has dropped from nearly 8 stone to about under 7 in about a year. No idea what it means though.