Evidence to The Independent Commission on Assisted Dying

The report of The Independent Commission on Assisted Dying was made public on 5th January.
This report was based, in large part, on evidence from people with personal experience of chronic, degenerative and/or terminal illnesses. Both individuals and organisations representing those with such medical conditions were invited to contribute evidence, experience and opinion.
Please will Parkinsons UK tell us how to access the evidence which they presented to The Commission.

I'm dying to read what it says! :fearful:

smart**** reply to Pokerm, which make upset some, posted in culture corner. couldnt resist but dont want to upset anyone

This is a very emotive subject, one which people would usually prefer not to discuss in public. Each will have their own views about assisted dying, whether that be on a personal or a religious level. I personally have given a lot of thought to this subject numerous times in the last few years and have already decided where I stand and what I want for myself. However, I'm sure that the recent coverage has brought it firmly to the forefront for many people with chronic disabling conditions. I for one will watch with baited breath for the outcome of the Commission as I am sure it will effect many of us here. May your God's go with you all.


this suject,is quite emoutional for me,cus of me beleafs,and wot i no has happined in the past with memorys of mine.it will be intrestin to see wot is said about the subject,but i do hope that members can actually keep it in the guide lines of the thread it self,no mater how much they feel on the subject:smile:

Yes, this is a very grave subject!

(Sorry, but as a person with a “degenerative illness”, I reckon I should be allowed to joke about it if I so want.)

Hi everyone,
Thanks for posting this, wobbly. I've forwarded your question to our policy team and we'll get back to you shortly. Sorry for the delay.

On a related note: Of course we don't want to be in a position to remove all jokes that might be offensive to someone. Still, those posting might want to consider that members of the community could be going through quite painful experiences related to this issue...and they may not be in a place where they are ready to joke about it.

Be kind, eh? It's a new year.


Apologies if I have offended anyone – that wasn’t my intention. I guess I felt slightly miffed that the message seemed to be aimed at everyone with my condition, and a subsequent reply seemed to endorse that.

A staunch Catholic upbringing stays with you forever, I’m afraid.

Hi again all,
I've received word back from our policy team.

We didn't submit evidence to this commission (though we did to others in the recent past).

You can find Parkinson's UK's current policy on assisted suicide as well as contact details for more information here:


I hope this helps.


You didn't offend me Lily.......

I just wish others would stop coffin up political correctness and lay it to rest! :fearful:

"I don't mind dying. The trouble is,you feel so damned stiff the next day".

George Axelrod.

Pity Parkinsons UK was not involved. One wonders how comprehensive these commissions are.