Hi not sure posting in correct thread . Does anyone else when they excersise tremor more . I do pilates and gym 3 times a week but when I do the gym work with a gym trainer and work hard I get a tremor in my right hand that is most anoying as I don't seem to tremor very much atall . I thought execise for pd was supposed to be better for you but this tremor makes it very hard . I have had pd for 2 years now and only take azilect and if I can I don't really want to take any more meds yet . This is why I excersise but this tremor is getting to me . It does stop after a short time when I have finished .  Does this happens to anyone else !!

Hi Sparky,

Yes - I run, and I find exertion makes my arm tremor worse, and I'm a bit more shaky for a little while afterwards.  However, I think that the excercise helps generally the rest of the time, and certainly makes me feel better.

I was diagnosed last month, and have been on Azilect only about 3 weeks, so am all new to this.



Hi T

For someone only diagnosed a month go you could give yourself a congratulatory pat on your back.  I think the fact that you have continued to run is wonderful.

An interesting article in the Telegraph a couple of weeks back about waling - research shows that 30 minutes a day is very important.  I will try to find the link and pu it on the forum tomorrow.  



sorry I was talkin abou walKing!

You can see that one of my symptoms is typos with the left hand!



Not  wishing to confuse the issue but it is important to differentiate between cardiovascular exercise and exercise specifically to counteract pd. Both are important but if cardiovascular gives you are problem don't give up all exercise. There much to be gained from exercise tailored for pd symptoms 

too true

I'm going to have a go at nordic walking - suggested by my GP - good for helping with coordination - arms and legs working together, especially y left one


Nordic walking ticks a lot of boxes:   aerobinc excercise coordination, upright stance, lengthens stride, repetitive movement,, loosens up the spine.  Also if the pace is rather faster than you would do on your own that can be good for PD (see cycling also) but as I am older than most others in nordic grooups  I have had to forgo the benefts of forced pace walking  because they are usually too fast for me and   I was knackered the rest of the day and the the next.  However, the two poles have enabled me to keep enjoying  walking even when my hips have played up (polymyalgia) because  they take the  weight off the hips and knees  not to mention my rigid big toe..  Lots of Local authorities are sponsoring nordic walking. as are Age UK in our area.    To get the best out of it you do need to attend a training course in the tecnhique.  Grooups do varyas to i how interesting they make the walks so shop arond..


Best wishes


Thanks Ellenpatricia - interesting reading and I agree with all you've said.  I have 2 rigid toes - hope it stays at 2!

I used to nrodic around my local parks but need to  be reminded of technique and it will be an ageuk group.  I'm sure I will be slow and only hope to do 30 minutes to start with and come home to sleep.





Yes, I also get an increased tremor after exercising. But if I do a lot for a few days (went on a cycling holiday recently) I actually get a day or two of relative peace from it (the tremor).  My main problem is foot dystonia, I'm finding it hard to exercise when my foot ( feet soon, I suspect) does its own thing. Like you say, frustrating - exercise definitely helps though.   j smiley