Excess ive sleeping

Anyone else have the problem of their husband sleeping a lot in the day?.My hubby has been asleep nearly all day!!I've woken him up for tablets --Sinemetplus 3 day
and meals but other than that he's been asleep on the settee.Hardly been to the
toilet,yet at night gets up every couple of hours,Ive read that this can be dueto
MSA.any ideas?It makes me feel anxious,tried putting on his favorite video that he asked for,He was asleep within 2 minutes of the start of film
My h is exactly the same. Asleep at the drop of a hat in the day and awake (going to the loo, prowling about) in the night - I'm afraid I can't offer much in the way of answers but would be interested to hear from anyone who can. He also is on Sinemet plus and takes a total of 5 a day now. Previously it was 8 a day but this has been cut down to try to deal with hallucinations. He tried Selegeline for the sleepiness but this didn't help.

My husband has days like that , he will switch off , says he isnt sleeping . The other day he nodded off but as he woke (suddenly) bit like a light switch going on and off . The TV was on in the background and he started to talk to answer the television he often has some funny moments like that . Then about 5 pm he seems to come more alive .Worse on dark rainy day . I will often leave a lamp on beside him .

While I am busying myself about the house he will often ask me to come and sit and talk to him . He needs the stimulation . Does anyone else find that . He cannot do very much other than watch the TV , and think about his next tablet .

By the way he is also on Sinemet plus x 3 / 4 daily . He some get some days better then another . they are a bonus .
Oh yes, sleeping during the day and awake at night, sometimes worse than others, I also read a book by a pd sufferer that it drove her mad that she slept all through her family being around and then at night when they were all asleep she was wide awake! My h likes to go out to the pub at about 4 oclock for half an hour to see his friends, it amazes me that I have to dress him, haul him into the car and then once he gets to the pub he can sit himself on the bar stood and be alert and then we drive home and have a dodgy time getting him up the garden path! he usual giggles at me cos he knows I find it exasperating but I also know he cant help it but it feel like he should be able to help it! He thinks this is really funny, its a good job he does. lots love sunray
Do you think your h feels more stimulated and relaxed when out in company having a drink .. He probably picks out the conversations or parts of the conversations thT he is interested in .I also believe that an alcoholic drink helps . It certainly helps my husband obviously not enough that he falls over . No seriously he is also on Warfarin and he is a sensible man .
Forgot to say we had out stair lift in stalled today so not as much huffung and puffing to go to bed .
My father sleeps a lot during the day - sometimes the whole day.
He saya it is boring just looking out the window and staring at the telly.
When people are here or we are out it is much more stimulating.
He sat in his wheelchair collecting money for Richmond and east Hounslow branch at Tesco saturday morning ,then went to a cafe for lunch.
When we got back he slept 3 hours solid,but came awake at 7pm until 10.30
I think a lot has to do with stimulation.
My husband has been having similar daytime sleep problems. Definitely not due to under stimulation since he would fall asleep with his cereal part way to his mouth. He was taking sinemet and rasagilene. Tried stopping the rasagilene and he`s much better. Nurse suggested that if it resulted in less control of his symptoms she would advise Modafinil. Hope things improve for you both.
Yep mine can do the cereal halfway in his mouth thing. Yet he says he is enjoying his food . I gave up trying to do stimulation ages ago, I am too tired, and yes mine conducts convesations with the people on the tv and imaginary people . We are going to have an airsourse heat pump installed to 'green ' the house and he understands all about it being an engineer and so at night he dreams the people, children usually, have come to install it and they are having trouble with it and he has to help them, I thing he will really enjoy it when they coming in the waking world to install it, maybe this will keep him awake ha ha !

Honestly I have given over trying to get him to fit into to what we call normal things like not sleeping all day and am trying to fit into the slow parkie world. I have to say I have loads of respect for those with the actual parkies cos sitting all day can be pretty depressing. I think as carers we do better if we try not to fight it, just support, keep ourselves fit, and keep on top of things that need saying to neuro etc love to all Sunray

Hi All I am also having the same problem with day time sleepiness with my husband. It always seems to be worse after medication. I sometimes wonder if he would be better without it but the neuro said he would sleaze up.,He also said he has reached the stage where he is on the best medication possible for him, and it no longer is as effective, not sure where to go now . He does sleep at night ok but does go to the loo about 4 times but seems to manage to go back to sleep. Unlike me who also has Parkinson's but very different, I awake at 3am and that is it no more sleep. I cannot sleep during the day, medication does not seem to affect me in that way.I just feel at the moment that there is no answer or help anymore.

best wishes Juliet

Yes my husband sleeps excessively during the day.  I find this so depressing.  He has an indwelling catheter and I need to constantly remind him to drink and then empty his leg bag.  Have had bad times with urinary infections so really need to  keep the fluids up and get the bag emptied.  Any advice of any kind would be most welcome.  Thanks

Yes that's just like my husband.  He is on loads of mess and has an apomorphine pump which is brilliant with his mobility, such a difference when it goes of at night.  He sleeps on and off all day even during meals, when watching tv or trying to read.  He has loads of vivd dreams all night which he lives out when he gets up numerous times to go to the loo, now it's taking loads of time in the morning before he is 'back to reality'.

hi Kay

My husband been like that the last three days, he is on sinemet plus four time a day, plus a slow release at night, he also takes two madopar which normal give him a boost. he got up at 8am, back to bed a 9am up again at 10am then we went for a little walk with dog, then he went tired again at 11am and back to bed. I have been worried, he not normally this bad. The doctor told me to do a diary . would just be nice if I had someone near where I live who is in the same boat...can get very lonely


Hi Sue 

my hubby is 45,diagnosed 2 years ago and has recently been undergoing a change of meds and hasn't been well enough to work however I am convinced that this excessive sleeping is a parkinsons thing, for years before he took these meds my hubby could sleep excessively and he does exactly as your hubby does, he gets up, uses some energy up and then goes back to bed or lies down until he feels recovered, I go out to work so fortunately I socialise but I can see that this would be lonely for you. 


my husband needs a morning sleep to wake up and after lunch he needs a sleep and on bad days he also needs a sleep at about 6.

He has rem sleep disorder and sleep apnea. He is currently using his sleep breathing machine and finds it helps stay awake longer in the day time.

Maybe worth asking neuro to refer him for a sleep test? Husband did not like wearing a mask at night and grumbled and mumbled but grudingly admits he feels better next day. Despite several trips to the loo in the night.

Hi SwissMiss

I know my husband not got a sleep apnea, sorry to hear about your husband take care

Hi Klou

Thanks for reply, yes it is to do with Parkinsons, Ray could always have a kip anywhere when he was younger.


Hi Sue,

Sorry to hear you are having problems, I know what you mean by being lonely, it can make you feel that way, I know even with my family near to me now, they really have no concept of how bad things can get. I do feel so sad on times for both my husband and I, I know the excessive sleepiness by my husband can get me down. He has almost got to the stage where he does not want to leave the house. I almost feel like a prisoner on times. This all sounds so awful, but I just think,  I am lucky to still have him, I know there are plenty of people on their own due to some horrible illness taking their husbands. 

Parkinson's is so cruel, no one really understands unless they have been through it. Do you belong to a  Parkinson's group, maybe there is a little voluntary thing you could do for them, it may help you. 

Where in the country do you live,? I live in Berkshire, anyone in the same boat near to me would like to get in touch please do.

Maybe Sue if you say on the forum which county you live in, someone will get in touch.

Very best wishes, keep in touch




I am lucky in that my wife who was Dx  with PD 16 years ago has incredible energy does not sleep during the day, I wish to add that when she did nod out during the day it was from the drug Ropinorole (Requip TM)  one of the medicines called dopamine antagonists which in many instances  may cause nodding out.

The neurologist then started my wife much later in the day with  her 5 mg Ropinorole starting at 6 p.m then later at 4 a.m. the benefit in my wife's situation is that the sleepiness side effect from that dopamine antagonist allows her to sleep all night and she still benefits from this medicine .

Hope solutions may come forth for this sleepiness situation for my friends in the UK.

Mike from New York City

Mike, Four weeks ago  my wife added Ropinerole 2mg to the Sinemet shes been taking for the last 3 years. She feels a bit better,  today she is upping the Ropinerole to 4mg slow release so she is hoping for some more improvement. The Sinemet did not really do much for her, as for sleep problems she had restless legs so was told Ropinerole can help this. She frequently gets up in the night for the toilet.

              all the best to you all...Billy.

   By the way Mike I am visiting NYC for the first time in December really looking forward to it big grin