Excessive sleeping

Has anyone had problems with excessive sleeping. My husband started to get really sleepy during the day, then about 7 weeks ago now he got a nasty urine infection. He has been in hospital all that time, the infection has now cleared up, but unfortunately he is practically sleeping all day long. It is obviously making it very difficult to feed him and get enough liquids into him. Has anyone else had any problems with excessive sleepiness, and if so did they find a solution to help.

Hello Hubbard,

You don't say how old is your husband is and of course age could be a factor. However it is the case that for many people Parkinson's does produce significant fatigue, as can much of the medication that is used to treat it. Additionally, the hospital may be giving him other medication and the cocktail may mean that, each element does its useful job, but the mixture altogether could be exacerbating the fatigue of the Parkinson's.

I think that you should insist on speaking to a doctor who has seen your husband in the hospital, and ask them about the cocktail of drugs. More useful might be to get either a pharmacist or your husband's neurologist to look at the list of medication the hospital have him on. Don't assume, even if he's in the hospital where he's seen for his Parkinson's that anybody has necessarily made any connection and looked at any of the records.

I would suspect that the answer does lie somewhere in the medication combination or dosage. Do ensure that whoever you speak with you make it clear that your husband was fine until a few weeks ago and don't be fobbed off with comments about Parkinson's and/or age making this inevitable.

Good luck and do let us know how things go.

Best wishes